Too Faced La Petite Maison Swatches

I'm sure everyone and their mother has swatched and talked about this palette during the winter holidays last year, but I realized I still haven't posted it to my blog, so I figured why not! So if you are like me and constantly late to the party on beauty products, I hope you find this post at all interesting.

Of course, given this is a Too Faced product, the packaging is ridiculously adorable. I leave it open on my vanity because this is not an item to have tucked away in a drawer, it's just too pretty!
I love the little doll house-like touches and the gold detailing. It feels really well built, and the palette of shadows can actually be taken out of the whole stand, which would work well for traveling.

One thing I was happy about personally was the lack of purple shades! While I love the look of them, and they look great with my hazel eye coloring, I am sadly allergic to purple pigment. Unless I want to have swollen eyes like I went a round with Rocky Balboa, it's just not in the cards. I only had to bypass the one shade Jungle Love, and have been able to wear all the others. Pussy Cat worried me, but luckily I was able to wear it no problem.

My only complaint I will say is the shadows are on the messy side, so they can make the light mint packaging look super messy and dingy. Luckily the powder does wipe off easily, so I just hope over time it doesn't start to stain. Not a real problem, but a factor for someone like me who loves the packaging of products.

Now for swatches!

Secret Lovers:
A chocolate brown with a hint of glitter. The glitter is much more visible in the pan than when applied.
After Hours:
One of my favorites. A vibrant, almost rose gold shade that applies very smoothly and with gorgeous glossy shimmer.
Don't Settle:
A slightly muddy, metallic brown with a touch of shimmer.
Paper Roses:
A soft, mid-toned pink that almost blends into my ghostly pale skin, it has a little glitter visible in the pan that doesn't translate too much when applied.
Knock Out:
A matte milk chocolate looking shade, it is super rich and vibrant, but on the chalky side.
Honey Pot:
Another favorite. In the pan it looks like a mid-toned gold, but when applied it does take on a golden honey look with a really nice gloss.
Another that blends into my ghost skin. A matte, pink toned taupe, which is also a little chalky.
Let it Snow:
A very pale, powdery matte pink, it looks chalky on my skin but applies nice. I just wish it looked smoother once applied.

Chocolate Moon:
A super dark, almost black, brown shade full of silver glitter. These really dark shades I find really intimidating to wear, but I do love the look of it.
Jungle Love:
A very rich dark purple full of violet glitter. Also an intimidating color, but I don't have to sweat it as I can't wear it anyway!
A very pretty matte mauve color. This is another one I've been gravitating towards, it's just very pretty and soft.
Pussy Cat:
This is a very rich matte pink in the palette, but it looks much bolder in the pan than it does when applied. On my skin it looks more bubblegum pink.

Lastly, the palette came with a small bottle of the Better Than Sex mascara.
I've never tried this mascara before, but of course I've heard of it. My opinion is the wand is banana sandwiches! While it does make my lashes look full and longer, I just feel like I'm going to take my eye out using the clumpy, bristle filled madness that is this brush. If the full sized version also contains this Yeti I don't know if I can deal, but again, I do like the effect it gives on my lashes.

Overall, I love the look of this palette packaging wise, and while a few of the eyeshadows are a tad messy and chalky, most of them are really smooth and apply nicely. I love the colors offered, and I like the slight shimmer and glitter most of the shades had.
My stand out favorites are Honey Pot, Dreams, and After Hours.

Thanks for reading!
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