Kawaii Box Unboxing!

This post is super late, but per my favorite phrase, -and the crutch that helps my poor blog schedule stand- better late than never!

Like every other Kawaii Box unboxing I've posted in the past, the lighting was terrible on photo day! The sun was taking a nap, and my little lamp just wasn't cutting it. So, please ignore the even poorer picture quality today.

Sweet Neko Purse:
I think thanks to this box I have more change purses than I ever will have change! Though, I can't pass up such a cute cat face one.

Tiny Bow Stickers:
My favorite part of the box is the cute stickers. I was hoping for something more interesting than bows and rabbits given stickers I've gotten in past boxes, but they are still adorable.

Dreams Come Through Pen:
No clue if the diamonds and quote are just random or are from something, but the pen is cute, and for some reason gives me Sailor Moon vibes.

Cupcake Eraser:
Who doesn't want an eraser shaped like a cupcake!

Korean Secret Pen Set:
Definitely cheesy, but fun to play with. Though I do not think the makers would appreciate the profanities I wrote on the paper whilst giggling, for others to then make visible with the light pen. Hehe.

Nail Deco Flake Set:
This was my favorite thing out of the box. A set of adorable jars full of different nail accessories I will have to try out soon.

Jewelry Deco Sticker:
My phone already has a case, so I haven't tried this skin. The fact that it is just a sticker makes me concerned over longevity, I see it getting wrecked quite quickly.

Doughnut Squishy Charm:
While I think the little food keychains are super cute, I do wish Kawaii Box would mix it up a bit more, I feel like I get some variation of one in every box.

Kracie Popin' Cookin' Oekaki Gummy Land DIY Kit:
I am a fan of Popin' Cookin', they are very fun to make, and this one looks interesting.

Soft Bear Plush:
Gave this cute bear to my mom. She did have to wrestle it away from my youngest cat Blue however, who called dibs the second she saw it in the box. At least its plushie life is now spent on a desk, and not being chewed by tiny kitten needle teeth!

Sweet Mini Bag:
Another storage bag. Again, kind of wish they would mix it up, I get these a lot. I'm going to start needing storage bags to store all my storage bags...

Thanks for reading! To see what I got in my previous Kawaii Box click here.


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