Hottopic Haul

If my past teen aged self had a blog, this Hottopic haul would be less surprising, but it is 2016 and I am 27! I readily admit I willingly walk into this store and walk out with a lighter wallet and bags in my hands. They just have really cute nerdy things, and I can't resist! 
Though, what I gravitate towards in the store has drastically changed. Gone are the spiked choker necklaces, cheesy skull t-shirts, and way over the top lace fingerless gloves, and hello Zelda watches, Alice in Wonderland dresses, and pizza shaped string lights. Oh, how I have matured!...

Sorry about picture quality! Had to rely fully on natural light and it was not working out. Damn you, clouds!

Anyway, I bought a Zelda watch! This was the item I was most excited about getting. I know I am living in the age of smart phones, so a watch seems pointless, but I am an old lady so wearing a watch feels nice, plus it's Zelda! The watch is styled after the Wind Waker art style as well, which I really like the look of.

Big fan of Tokidoki figures, but have never bought the Moofia Latte ones until now. I got an adorable strawberry milk one to add to the collection.

The Most Random Purchase award has to go to this narwhal cup I bought for $2. However, I apparently drink the equivalent of battery acid because it fell apart and starting leaking after only a week. Oh well.

Two tiny things I bought were another Sailor Moon key chain, which I just used as a prop in my Ginger+Liz swatches, and a Navi necklace -Which would have been perfect as a prop for my recent Zelda nail art, but I made it before I got this necklace! My timing is impeccable.-

For clothing, my wardrobe has been taken over by themed skater dresses, so added an Alice in Wonderland version to the pile. They are just so easy to wear, and are awesome for the deadly Florida summers. 
I also bought a Sailor Moon circle skirt, which even though I bought a small, is a tad loose, but not too bad. If you are also another grown-woman-child who shops at Hottopic (I can't be the only one?!) I would maybe size down with the skirts.

Finally, no decor is complete without some pizza string lights! Frankly, it would be even more complete if they were tacos, but you gotta make do sometimes.

Didn't notice until now that Voldemort was napping on the job! Oops. Lay off the butterbeer Tom!
Here's a photo of the lights lit up, and in their new home over the veritable cornucopia of nerd that the top of my dresser has become.

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