Ginger+Liz Kicking & Screaming Swatches and Review

I haven't posted some polish swatches in a while! Oops. So, today I have swatches of my very first Ginger+Liz polish, Kicking & Screaming. Whose moniker reminds me of that terrible Will Ferrell movie of the same name. Luckily for me, I have a much higher opinion of the nail polish. (Ooh, sick burn, bro! :p)

Hello my phantom torso in the reflection I did not notice when taking this photo!
I never heard of Ginger+Liz before finding this polish at Ulta, but I am a total sucker for really vibrant glitter shades and this one was calling my name.

Kicking & Screaming is just a galaxy of dark purple, pink, light blue, dark blue, and violet glitter in differing sizes.
The formula is really good, I used three thin coats for the coverage pictured, and the glitter applies smoothly and evenly. I wish my pictures did this glitter bomb justice, the direct lighting just muted the tones and makes the base color look much more black than the rich purple it really is. Take my word for it, in real life this polish is just beautiful to look at. You can glimpse the bright glitter mix in the bottle at least in some of the pictures below.

I topped my swatches off with one coat of my O.P.I top coat.

For those like me who love applying a matte top coat to any relatively shiny or glittery polish to see the outcome, here is Kicking & Screaming matte:

Direct lamp light is not this shades friend, but regardless I think you can still see how cool it looks matte, it plays up the galaxy effect Kicking & Screaming inherently has.
This polish is easily one of my favorites I own -I think I say this a lot, being a nail polish fan I love basically all of them, but I really mean it! This shade is one of the ones I gravitate towards when looking for an in between manicure when not swatching polishes or making nail art-, and I plan on buying more Ginger+Liz polishes in the future if I can.

I, for the life of me, cannot remember how much I paid for this shade at Ulta, I bought it a while ago so my poor memory is made poorer because of that fact. I also could not find it on Ulta's website anymore either. Google is a useful tool however, and the polishes go for $12.00 on the brands own website.

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