February 2016 Favorites

(Insert cliche here) about how I can't believe it is already March, and time is flying by! 
I really do feel this way, but I always hate saying it, it's like the requisite thing to say when writing a monthly favorites list. 

Anyway! Time to blather on about my favorite things during the month of February!

Sorry about the poor lighting around the edges of my pictures today, the light was not my friend this picture day! I really want to buy one of those picture box things, but I've been procrastinating. Considering I am a night owl and take most pictures in the evening, I probably should get on that and pick one up.

Harley Quinn! Again!
Yes, I bought another Harley Quinn statue, because I just can't not buy anything Joker or Harley related. This is a limited edition ComicCon exclusive statue, so the box said. Why then was it at my local bookstore? (Because no, I did not get this actually at ComicCon, I wish! Someday I hope to go.) I don't know. I didn't buy it, and regretted it soon after, but irony was when I finally went to go buy it, the store had completely closed for good. Rather than bang on the locked door to the hollow dark rooms within, yelling "Hey! Can I please just buy that statue real quick!?" I did the next best thing and went to Amazon. They had one left, and for $20 more. So lesson learned, if I love something this much, and it's on clearance, just buy it! (Still need to buy many Joker figures though! Working on that.)

This figure is my favorite of the ones I have. I love the black and white, and the cartoon Harley look I remember from my childhood watching those 90's batman cartoons. Plus she's spray painted the Bat Signal with the word stinks and stink lines, and is in the process of throwing the can. Gets the point across, I think.

Too Faced Love Flush.

My beauty fave is this new blush I bought from Ulta by Too Faced. I plan on making an Ulta haul with this, and the other things I bought, as well as a more detailed review of this blush once I use it more, but it has to be a favorite because it is just so cute! Too Faced has the best packaging, even just the cardboard box is adorable.

Clean & Clear Spot Treatment.
I've most likely have mentioned this product in other favorites lists before, but I have been using it for years and love it. Especially lately, work has been stressful and my face has been sharing the pain! This, mixed with my go-to face wash, has been saving my poor skin this past month.

Butter London.
Another product I bought during my Ulta haul I'll mention more when I post it, but I loved this shade so much it had to make my little list. I haven't swatched it yet, but given how pretty this holographic glitter bomb looks in the bottle, I can't wait to try it out.

*Zelda treasure chest opening melody*
Another item I bought during a haul I have yet to post, but will eventually!
My favorite fashion related item this month has to be this awesome Link watch styled after the Wind Waker game, a style I really like. I've been wearing this everyday, which is surprising as thanks to smart phones I never really feel the need to have a watch, but I just love wearing it.

Nivea Lip Balm.
Another beauty favorite. I recently switched to this Nivea lip balm from the EOS brand, a switch I'll go over further on in this post, and would really recommend this balm to any other people out there who are prone to having dry, cracked lips. Most lip balms are just a pretty container and nice flavor, and really do nothing to help my skin, but this one leaves my skin feeling very hydrated and smooth.

My last favorite, I made the very adult purchase of finally buying a dresser to hold my clothes, instead of the very dorm-like plastic containers I was using before. I then of course topped the dresser with some of my very un-grown up knickknacks and toys, because I'm 27!

I haven't had any unfavorite things to add to my monthly lists lately, but today I do have one. I have jumped off the bandwagon that is the fandom of EOS lip balms. Not just because of the hubbub of the accusations of people getting rashes and blisters from use of them, though that is not fun to hear about. I stopped using them because I noticed no real difference in the condition of my skin. I would apply this balm everyday, I even had two, and as you can see I used the mint one practically up, so I can definitively say my full opinion of it. I thought I was just having a bad time skin wise, I didn't think it was this balm, but no matter how much I applied it, my skin would feel hydrated for a little bit, then go back to its usual dry, sand desert way of life.
I finally decided to switch to the Nivea balm to see if it was my skin or the balm, and sure enough after a couple weeks my lips condition had improved. I am not going to claim any lasting issues, or blisters, or any of the frightening things people are claiming is happening using EOS balms, but I will say I feel like this balm really has no substance or benefits for someone like me with very dry lips, it's just a cute container, nothing more. I'll be throwing these out and sticking with Nivea.

Thanks for reading!
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