Yet Another Nerdy Haul!

Long time, no see, little blog'o'mine!

As I mentioned in my Valentine's post a week ago, I caught what I thought at the time was a simple little cold, but which then morphed into a beast that left me useless for the last week. I basically spent the time sneezing, coughing, sleeping, and catching up on Downton Abbey to pass the time (Just started the final season and am so bummed! I'm going to miss this show so much!). So, sadly blogging had to go by the wayside. I'm finally back now that I am feeling a bit more myself, and what better way to start again than to ramble on about nerdy things in yet another nerdy haul!

I will say this is the most random collection of things. Some are from the mall, others from Target or online, but all are in the realm of nerd and it only felt fitting to mush everything together.
A few of the items I also already mentioned in my last favorites post because I couldn't help myself, so sorry for the repeat!

My new fandom of Hottopic thanks to their nerdy items led to some Sailor Moon themed purchases. I found this awesome skater dress and knit hat. The hat seems insane given I live in Florida, but it does get chilly at night during "winter" (This is the excuse I keep telling myself, whether it's true or not.), plus at the time I did have plans to go back north for a week when it was snowing. The plans fell through, but I will try to still get use out of it, it's just so cute!
The necklace is not based on Sailor Moon, but the crescent moon design just seemed to mesh nicely. Plus I love the multicolored plastic gems, and already layered necklaces just look really nice and take such little effort to do so.

I found this cute Harley Quinn figure at, I think it was F.Y.E. I will frankly buy anything related to Harley and Mr.J, so it is not surprising I had to buy this.

This is one of those Disney Collectibles figures. I think it is meant to be kept in the box, but I have no plans on reselling it, so why bother! While I will always think the classic animated Cinderella is for sure the better of the two, I thought that newer live action version was pretty cute. However, I really wanted this figure because I am a fan of Helena Bonham Carter, and actually loved her version of the fairy godmother. I meant to buy it when I first saw the movie but procrastinated and it sold out at my local Disney Store, so when I saw it again, and on clearance, I decided to finally buy it. They also have a Cinderella one obviously, but frankly they did not do so well at the face modeling and she just looks like she is constantly PO'd. Hilarious to look at though, given how forgiving and nice the character is meant to be.

I have been loving Pusheen Cat plushies and found this cute mint green plush on Amazon, where I also bought some more Tokidoki blind boxed unicorns, and a thieving Takara Tomy Pikachu wearing Ash's hat. The adorable Sailor Moon figure is also from a blind box, I found it at Books-A-Million. I would have walked out with the whole stand I was so excited, but a little thing called rent made me resist and I bought just one. Damn adult responsibilities!

I don't know how many people show pajamas in haul posts, but I was happy with my finds! I never buy PJ's even though I need them, I always think of some other unneeded thing to buy instead, and before you know it what little I do have is in the laundry, and I'm sleeping in leggings and a tank top. I found these awesome long sleeved sets covered in pizza and Marvel characters (Would rather have DC, but they didn't have it.), and some shorts covered in rainbows and cheeseburgers. Who would have thought at 27 my favorite theme for clothing would be food!

To stop myself misplacing my 3DS, I found this ridiculously awesome -to me anyway- Hylian Shield case from Amazon. Given how big this case is, if I still misplace it I may need to see a doctor...

Yet another knit hat, because I live in Florida!

I have some plans on traveling a bit this year, and I have been told I may get to travel a little for work as well, so I wanted to get a new backpack I can just carry on the planes because I hate checking baggage. I also hate packing in general, so prefer to just pack a backpack of just the essentials.
Of course I couldn't just get a plain bag, and could not decide between Pikachu or Hylian Shield... So I bought both. It's always nice to have options!

Thanks for reading! It's nice to be back! To check out more hauls click here.


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