Valentine's Day Nail Art with BeMe Nail Art Pens

I will freely admit I really am not that into Valentine's day, never have been, whether single or not. However, I am guilty of liking some of the cute pink decor involved in the sickeningly sweet holiday. That said, I have nothing in my home for it currently, and am sitting in my pajamas and Darth Vader sweatshirt with a lovely head and chest cold while I write this, so needless to say I also have no cliche Valentine's plans either.
So, when the company behind the BeMe* nail art pens wrote me asking if I wanted to make some Valentines nail art with one of their collections, I thought why not! I figured it will show a little caring for a holiday I care little about, and would be fun.

They sent the pens to me a few weeks ago, but the second I found out Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday, when I always post my nail art, I wanted to wait to share this on the actual day so I look far more together and organized than I actually am!

I have reviewed another of their collections in the past called The Blooming Collection, where I also made some fun Sailor Moon nail art. I went into a lot of detail in reviewing the pens, so I won't bore you by repeating, and frankly with this cold right now I don't think I even have the energy, so follow that link above if your curious on how well the pens work.
This time they sent me their Festive Collection, so while I won't repeat myself on the review, I still took extra photos of the polishes and swatched them as well, if your curious about the different shades offered in this set.

I normally take photos of my left hand for swatches and nail art, but this time I had to use my right hand so sorry if the hand poses are a bit awkward! I am left handed, so trying to free-hand draw with my right hand can pose a problem, it's hit or miss whether it will look fine or look like I sneezed in the middle of drawing. This was not one of the good times, and my right hand just came out much better. The hearts on my left hand looked like I tried to draw them blindfolded, not a pretty sight!

I wanted a simple look, and really like the look of dark to light gradients, so I started with a gradient of the medium pink and white shades offered in the set, then free-handed the hearts using the same white polish.
I topped the look off with one coat of O.P.I top coat, and one coat of Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat. I've learned that when making free-hand line work on nails, applying a matte top coat just makes the lines look better for whatever reason. My theory is the normal gloss finish can make the lines look distorted, but then again I am all loopy from this cold, so I could just be losing it. Who knows!

Here's a quick little overview of the Festive collection before I go back to sleep. Like the previous Blooming collection you get eight polishes in a mix of glitter, shimmer, and creme. Also like the last set the coverage is very good, even the white shade, which was surprising, usually white cremes always run sheer.

None of the colors have names that I could find, for my nail art I used the medium pink creme and bright white creme.

Also included in the set is a very pretty bright blue creme, and a blood red creme that almost has a jelly look to it when applying.

Also a bright lime green creme (Which dries with a pleasant matte finish on its own.), a multifaceted purple glitter (Which is in a clear base, so would make a nice glitter overlay, or would need a base color first for full coverage.), a metallic violet with a very jelly/sheer finish, and a metallic gold shimmer.

Here's some swatches:

I did not top any of the swatches with a top coat, so these are their natural finishes.

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a nice Valentine's day. I myself am going to go nap before I start work and try to kill this stupid cold, bleh. To see more nail art I've done click here.


If you are interested in the BeMe pens, the very nice note they included with the set notes the collections can be found at Target, Walmart, Kmart, Overstock, FingerHut, Amazon, and at MyQuestStore. 

*I was sent these BeMe pens for the purpose of making nail art. I was not paid or requested to give only positive opinions on them. All opinions shared about these pens are honest and my own. I always give my honest opinion, good or bad.

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