Skoshbox Unboxing: February 2016

Today I'm going to babble on about the treats I received in my latest Skoshbox subscription box!

For Valentine's Day I got a couple doubles of some of the items, as well as a cheeky little card I could give to someone with the extra candy, but instead I ate it...

Veggie-Taberu Chips: Heart shaped veggie consomme chips.
While I like the different "veggie" colored chips, the flavor tasted like I was eating packing peanuts, crunchy but no flavor at all. The little characters on the bag are too adorable though!

Pai-Cro Croissant: Tahitian vanilla bean flavor.
My favorite snack in the box, and the cutest damn snack ever. I don't know what it is about miniature things, but even the silliest, like tiny croissants, is the cutest thing on the planet.
Not only are the mini croissants adorable, but the vanilla flavor is really good. Though the description only mentions vanilla, it does have an almost maple-y/sugary flavor to it as well that is very good.

Coffee Beat: Creamy choco-covered coffee.
I love any type of chocolate covered coffee beans, so this was a win. I also love the cute little tube packaging as well.

Nata-De-Coco Gummies: Block shaped peach gummies.
No matter how many gummy candies I receive, it is just not meant to be. I am just not a fan. I gave these away to my brother and he quite liked them.

Toppo Strawberry: Strawberry cream biscuit sticks.
Thanks to Pocky I love any kind of biscuit sticks. This version had that same yummy strawberry flavor unique to Japanese snacks, so they obviously did not last long in my house before they were all gone!

Jumbo Apollo: Jumbo Apollo on a stick. Strawberry and chocolate.
These candies look like tiny little umbrellas. I love the strawberry and chocolate flavor, just not how wicked hard they are to eat! They were quite hard, so the concern over cracking a tooth was a factor, but they were still very good.

Pucca Choco Crisps: Crispy shell with chocolate filling.
This snack reminds me exactly of those Gold Fish crackers, just a sweet version filled with super yummy chocolate.

Morinaga Classic Caramel: Milk caramel bites.
This is one of the items Skoshbox gave two of to share. I am not the biggest fan of hard caramels, but it was still pretty good, and as a sucker for packaging I like the cute gold boxes.

Pekochan Parasol Pop: Strawberry or chocolate pop.
You can see just the top of this candy above, because I am so good at taking pictures, and totally didn't forget to take a proper picture of it! You can see it a bit better in the next picture however.
I couldn't tell you which flavor I got, because I liked the little umbrella shape and didn't want to ruin it by eating it. Haha.

Kingyo Paper Balloon Set: Traditional paper balloon toy.
Lastly the accessory item. I also got two of these little fishes to share, which I actually did this time! My mother loved this little guy so I gave her one too. Shockingly one of my many sharp toothed and clawed animals hasn't destroyed it yet, but I'm sure they'll get to it in do time unfortunately.

Thanks for reading! To see what I got in my January box click here.


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