Kawaii Box Unboxing: December 2015

This is very late! This subscription box always arrives late because of the distance it must travel to get to my door, but I also waited so long to post this specific box that my January box arrived! Oops. So, let's browse December, and I will do my best to actually post the January box before the bloody February one arrives in March.

Korean Nail Art:
Now remember, you "Not Need A Glue" for these plastic nail tips...
I may actually try these, the pattern is cute, and I'm curious if they work well.

Kawaii Owl Notebook:
I'm thinking of keeping this in my purse for grocery lists, random notes, hit lists, etc. You know, the usual things that require good old pen and paper notes. I do have a notepad app in my phone, but I am one of those nerds that prefers paper and pen.

Fat Animal Stickers:
My favorite part of this adorable box is the stickers. These cute ones are now covering my planner.

Moggie Doggie Pen:
The little dog on the cap is a tad creepy, especially because he appears to be wearing blush...?
And also has "...lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eye", like a certain shark.
But I can never have enough pens!

Heart Shaped Nail Art:
A little too frilly for my taste, but the little bows are cute.

Happy Cat Nail Clipper:
My favorite item, I never thought I would think a nail clipper was cute, but it's so cute!

Lollipop Towel:
No clue why it is shaped like a lollipop, it's like those hotels where they make the towels look like dogs. No purpose, but very cute. I could not resist taking it apart to see how it was constructed, and of course I cannot get it back together, so now I just have a super soft new towel and a Popsicle stick.

Polka Dot Washi Tape:
Thanks to my new planner decorating hobby, I will always welcome more washi tape.

Waffle Squishy:
I love these food shaped key chains. I have way too many thanks to this box however, how many keys do they think I have?!

Ice Cream Purse:
Another favorite because of how well constructed it is, and how adorable the little ice cream bars are. I have way too many small bags and not enough even smaller items to keep in them at this point, but I want to find a use for this one just because I like it so much.

Kracie Ramen DIY Candy Set:
I am not brave enough to eat this for sure, just does not look appetizing, but I do love Popin' Cookin' so I may just make it anyway and dare someone else to try it.

Thanks for reading! To see what I got in my last Kawaii Box click here.


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