Hey! Listen!

Yes Navi, I'm listening!!

I recently bought an awesome Hylian Shield 3DS case so I would stop losing and/or dropping my 3DS frequently, which reminded me I have been meaning to make some long overdue Zelda nail art!

Ocarina of Time is my favorite of the ever growing series, I used to watch my brother play it all the time when I was a kid, and I have it for the Gamecube and 3DS. I still will play it now and again and it never gets old to me. I can't think of a Zelda game I've seen or played that I haven't liked, but I also haven't seen or played the newer, more panned games, so I can't speak about those. Speaking of Gamecube, I also enjoy Wind Waker. I really like the art style, and have a dress based around it as well. I know that one is hit or miss for other people because of the drastically different look, but to each their own, I liked it.

I sadly do not currently own any Zelda knickknacks, which will have to be rectified! Of course I just bought a cute Navi necklace, but after taking these pictures, so I found the only triangular thing I could find at the time.

I found this awesome 3DS case on Amazon. For my nail art I really liked the dark blue and grey base colors, and of course had to include the Triforce as well, because duh.

My base color is Julep Julianne, I didn't trust myself to try to free-hand the blue shape, so I found a similar looking stamp in BundleMonster plate BM-403, and applied it with SinfulColors Rainstorm.

For my Triforce, I free-handed it with a detail brush and CoverGirl Haughty Lemon. I liked the extra smaller triangle on the shield, so replicated it on my other nails. Though I think it took on a more chicken beak like quality, but what are you gonna do! I tried.

I topped the look off with one coat of O.P.I top coat, then one coat of Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat.

Overall, while I am not totally thrilled with the outcome, I don't mind it. That's usually how it goes, I don't like to fuss with designs and do them over and over. I just like to think of an idea, and what happens, happens. Sometimes it works great, other times it leaves a little to be desired.
I think I am going to try another Zelda design down the road, I think something involving Link with nice shades of green, but until then this was still fun to make, -slight chicken beaks and all- and I wanted to post it anyway. I like to post what I make, whether it came out great or not, because not everything works out perfectly! Plus it's an excuse to talk about Zelda a bit, and how could I pass that up.

Hey! Listen! Thanks for reading! To check out more nail art I've done click here.

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