Bath & Body Works Haul: Vanilla Bean Noel Edition

As you can tell from the festive look of these items, I am quite late in posting this!

I shopped a B&BW after Christmas sale to get my hands on some Vanilla Bean Noel products before they vanished until next year. I have no qualms in admitting I have a Vanilla Bean Noel addiction, and it was sad just how bummed I was when I used up my products I bought the year before. Luckily, I used up my past products right before Christmas, so it was fate!

This haul also has items bought for me for Christmas by my wonderful mother, who had enabled my VBN addiction by giving me just a box of products! Thanks mom!

I had actually never tried Bath & Body Works shower gel before, I usually stick to the $2 body washes from Target, but how could I resist showering in body wash that smells like sugar cookies! The bottle my mother gave me also came with an adorable Santa hat that one of my Pikachu plushies is currently rocking. I had tried to get one of my cats to wear it for a cute photo, but that did not go well!

I also bought this yummy salted caramel candle, I will frankly buy anything salted caramel at this point. Speaking of, if there are any other people who live in locations with Steak 'n Shakes, get the salted caramel milkshake! So good.

Now that the little food recommendation break is over, moving on:

I just realized the sheer quantity of body cream right here is really implying I may suffer from the same scaly skin condition as Killer Croc. I just like having hydrated skin! I also really wanted to try the Shea Swirl cream, I've never seen it before, and the bottle was really cool looking. I would definitely recommend it, and if you are worried about the shimmer and looking like a disco ball, it really doesn't transfer to your skin that visibly when applying the cream.

I think this is a new product, I've never seen these scrubs at Bath & Body Works before, so of course I bought two. It smells amazing, but is a total glitter bomb. I thought for sure I would leave the shower looking like I may have murdered a My Little Pony (They're basically made out of glitter, right?), but luckily it rinses off cleanly.

The best product of all, and the one that introduced me to the Vanilla Bean Noel scent. My mother bought me a bottle in her gift box, and I bought a backup. I wear this body spray almost daily, no matter the season. Every season is smell like a sugar cookie season in my book.

Lastly, my mom's gift included this adorable Christmassy shower puff. I bought a, you guessed it, Vanilla Bean Noel hand sanitizer for my purse (Am I the only one that misses the old bottles a little?) and a new room spray. My favorite room spray is the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent, but I wanted to try something new and really like the Champagne Toast version as well.

I will admit at first I was slightly bummed out that they changed the packaging of the Vanilla Bean Noel stuff, I'll post a picture of the original packaging below. A dumb complaint I know, but the new look has really grown on me. I love the little reindeer.

I loved the green and blue of the older version, but I really like the new one now too.
If you are not a person who has one scent they can't get enough of, I am sure I look psychotic buying this many items in one fragrance. It just comes out once a year and I wanted to stock up. A tad obsessive, but I can live with that.

If you are interested in a review of the Vanilla Bean Noel scent, I have a review of it from many moons ago here.

Thanks for reading!


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