Skoshbox Unboxing: January 2016

You know that scene in Julie&Julia (Don't judge me, it's cute! While I would only watch Die Hard, Air Force One, and Patriot Games on repeat no problem, you gotta mix it up sometimes.) where she was at work, and spent the day on call after unpleasant call? Yeah, that was me today.
So, if you don't mind, let me block out the day and prattle on about candy!

For the first time in the many, many months I've posted these unboxings I cleverly tossed out the list card by accident! And relying on my memory to recall some of the snack names is laughable. Luckily, Skoshbox has the full list on their website, so nobody panic! Calm yourself, man! Catastrophe averted.

Umaibo Yakitori: Grilled chicken skewers flavored corn puff.
Always a treat when a box contains Umaibo. This flavor sounded like it could go either way, but it was pretty good. Definitely has a chicken flavor to it. Not my favorite flavor however, I like the sweeter and more snack-like flavors over the meal in a puff kind like this one.

Giant Caplico Cookie Crunch: Crispy cookie crunch waffle cone.
I always like these, they look just like those Drumsticks ice creams you can buy at the grocery store. Plus, for once it didn't get annihilated while traversing the postal system to get to my door, yay! It tasted super good as well, it had a whipped chocolate texture similar to Three Musketeers bars.

Chocolate Covered Gummies:
Nope. Don't like gummies. Nope, nope, nope.

Bake Cookies & Cream:
I normally am a big cookies & cream fan, the Hershey's version is my favorite candy bar ever, but I sadly was not a big fan of this version. Just had an odd taste to it.

Pokemon Wafer + Sticker:
Love when they include something Pokemon! I wish this happened in every box.
The chocolate wafer was super good, plus I got an adorable sticker for my planner, win win.
(Of course I also kept the packaging, because I am a Pokemon hoarder.)

Puccho Hoppechan Mini Gummies:
Ridiculously cute packaging, but gummies so nope!

Mario Coin Chocolates:
As a big Mario fan this was awesome. The chocolates reminded me of those milk chocolates you get in advent calendars during the Christmas season, but they also had different Mario characters stamped on them which was super cute.

Sakupanda Zed: Double chocolate panda face cookies.
There is quite the pattern of panda themed cookies in Skoshboxes, not that I'm complaining, these were really good! Though that panda doodle on the front of the package is on the very fine edge of cute/creepy. I think it's the scribble eyes.

Rilakkuma Kappucho: Crispy strawberry cream puffs.
I forgot to take a photo of this snack in the group shots, so it's all by its lonesome.
This was my favorite snack of the whole box, not just because it's Rilakkuma, which I love, but also because the snack itself tasted exactly like that berry version of Captain Crunch! I almost contemplated eating them in milk, but I was too lazy to go get the milk, so I just ate them all...
(Look at that little astronaut chicken! So damn cute!!)

Lastly the mystery item, which I think is one of the coolest items I've ever gotten in a box, right up there with the Pikachu tail keychain. I guess it was originally going to be a DragonBall Z keychain (Which also sounds pretty cool.) but from an email they sent to all Dekabox subscribers, some of the keychains were defective, so instead they replaced them with a different item at a slightly higher price point, which I thought was very nice of them! Hence these badass DragonBall Z playing cards. I really know nothing about DragonBall. I remember there's one green dude named Piccolo (Because it sounds like pickle, and he's green... Yeah, I'm just sooo Clever...) but that's it. However, even I love these cards, and I do love a good game of Texas Hold'em, so this new pack is a good excuse to play a game or two.

Thanks for reading! To see what I got in my December Skoshbox click here.


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