Re-Ment Rilakkuma Refrigerator Unboxing

I have fallen down the rabbit hole of adorableness that is Re-Ment, and I'm dragging you down with me.
If you are a regular reader of my little blog here, you may have picked up on my very deep love of cute and nerdy things. Especially cute and nerdy things from Japan. My house is stuffed with random knickknacks, and it's never going to get better. So unsurprisingly, when I discovered Re-Ment thanks to videos from Grav3yardgirl and SharlaInJapan on Youtube, somehow money left my account, and a box was at my door...

If you are like me and unfamiliar with Re-Ment, which frankly I don't know how I lived this long on the planet without knowing about them! Re-Ment is Japanese toy manufacturer that makes highly detailed, and just ridiculously cute, plastic collectibles based on real world objects, food, furniture, etc. There are a ton of different types of sets, as well as different themes like Hello Kitty, Sailor Moon, Rilakkuma of course, and a bunch of others. All the little items come in blind boxes, and you can also purchase accessories like the fridge I'm showing today.

It was hard to decide which set to get first, but I had seen the fridge on the SharlaInJapan channel and just loved it too much not to buy it first.

The fridge comes in an adorable illustrated box, and is already built, I just had to put in the shelves and little crisper tray. Frankly this is a way nicer fridge than my real one. I don't have a door and three drawers! Just two doors and a motor that randomly pops and sounds like a gunshot.

To decorate your fridge you get stickers that look like little bears, magnets, shopping lists, and adorable Polaroid pictures. I really liked how it was decorated on the box, so I followed that as a guide for mine.

Lastly, sadly you don't get any miniature food to start you off, but they do include some adorable cut out boxes. No clue what they say, but they look like little boxes of pastries and pancakes, possibly. The pastry box was easy to put together, but the little pancake box was not kind. I finally had to break down and use tape, but it still passes.

I am new to Re-Ment so I don't know all the places to find these sets, I bought mine on Amazon, though I will warn to definitely price shop. The prices vary drastically, and some people are charging way too much. Most are reasonable, but you just have to look around.

Thanks for reading!
Don't be surprised to see more Re-Ment unboxings in the future. Especially since I bought the whole Rilakkuma Natural Market blind box set, because I have little self control. That should be arriving in a few weeks!


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