Orly Dynamic Metropolis Swatches & Review

This week has been a bit of a stressful work week, hence the lack of planned posts, they just flew out the window, replaced by TV and video games to de-stress.  I have to work in a little bit, but I have some time to share a quick post about one of my favorite polishes, and actually one of my very first Orly shades, Dynamic Metropolis.

If my poor memory serves me right for once, this is my very first Orly brand polish. I found it at Target, and the glitter screened bottle caught my interest. I do like Orly's bottle shape and rubber topper, my only complaint is not being able to see the actual polish in the bottle, the image is pretty accurate, but it is always nice to see the real product. Besides that, the brush works well, and the aforementioned rubber coated topper is comfy to hold while applying the color.

For the color itself, this shade is a black base full of gorgeous multifaceted micro glitter. The black base is on the sheer side, so I applied it over a base of Milani Black Swift for a richer base tone, and I think it makes the beautiful glitter stand out even more.
I had no issues during application, the glitter applies smoothly with no clumps or bare spots. Besides the sheer base, the glitter only needs two coats for perfect coverage. Though you could also apply just one for a more simple smokey glitter overlay over another color. I have yet to do that myself however, because I just can't resist wearing this glitter bomb alone in all its glory.

My swatches are two coats over Milani Black Swift, topped with one coat of O.P.I top coat.

The glitter pieces are actually square as you can see above, which I really like, it reminds me of pixels.
A natural light photo I took forever ago on Instagram that Orly actually reposted. Sad how excited I was about that!
Finally, if you're like me and are a matte top coat addict and are curious how this beauty would look matte, I got you:

Don't mind the scratch, the perils of cat ownership!

Orly nail color usually retails for around $8.00, and can be found online, or at most drugstores. I found this shade at my local Target.

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