O.P.I Give Me Space Swatches & Review

Today I have some swatches of the gorgeous O.P.I Give Me Space, which I bought recently at my local Sally's Beauty Supply. I have always loved a good blue polish, but this one takes the cake.

I believe this shade is from O.P.I's holiday Starlight collection, which is not surprising, it definitely has a night sky feel to it. I am obviously late to the party on this one, but when am I not. I'm sure there have been swatches of this on countless blogs a while ago, but if you're like me and have never seen this polish before, here you go! Let me introduce you:

Give Me Space is a mix of two favorite things: rich, vibrant blue color and iridescent glitter. I could not help but stare at the glitter when it would hit the light, like the cliche of a girl I am.

Given what a rich blue base this polish has, coverage is easy as pie. (Another dessert phrase, I think my hunger is influencing my writing.) I reached full opacity in just two coats. The glitter is also very fine, it applies super smoothly with no bare spots or clumps.

Give Me Space is just effortless to apply, so I have no application complaints, for once. A rarity even I'm willing to admit. I am normally a bit nitpicky, but not today! (Must be the hunger, I need some terrible-for-me sweets I'll instantly regret...)

My swatches are two coats, followed by my O.P.I top coat.

I know blue polishes are pretty polarizing -especially ones so dark-, people either love 'em or hate 'em, but how can you not love a gorgeous glitter bomb like this! Can't get over it, just love it. My favorite polish right now for sure. I'm still wearing it now as I write this, a good week after swatching it, it's all chipped to hell, but I don't want to take it off to swatch other things! Too pretty.

O.P.I polishes can be found pretty much everywhere at this point, usually beauty stores, but I see them at my local grocery and Target as well. Full sized bottles retail for around $8.00.

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