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Happy New Year!
I probably should have planned ahead, and posted some New Year's centric nail art today, but when do I ever plan ahead! Oh well, always next year. Instead I am going to share a very nerdy haul of some things I couldn't resist purchasing for myself while I was Xmas shopping a few weeks ago.

First up I found these adorable plushies to liven up my work space. I usually can never find any Pokemon plushies at the stores I usually shop at, so I was super excited to find these at f.y.e and Gamestop. Also a big Harley Quinn fan, this cute version was a fun find at Hottopic, I just wish they had Mr.J!

While at Gamestop buying gifts for my brother, I decided to pick up my very first game for my new Xbox One I bought myself as a Birthday/Christmas gift. I had read reviews of Elder Scrolls online and they seemed to be hit or miss. Even the cashier tried to talk me out of buying it and instead buy the new Witcher game. While I do intend to buy The Witcher, I love Oblivion and Skyrim so I wanted to give this game a try, and I really like it! I don't get people's complaints about the graphics, the game looks beautiful, not as much as Skyrim, but for an online game will only x amount of server space I think it looks wonderful. It's such a fun game, and I plan on playing more once I'm done writing this...

I am a fan of blind boxes, Tokidoki being my absolute fave, so I picked up three for me and three for my mom -Also a fan!- while at Hottopic, and I found some Doctor Who ones at Books-A-Million! I resisted buying the whole stand of them and bought one. I was lucky enough to get Captain Harkness.

Lastly at Hottopic again, (Never thought I would shop there anymore being so far gone from my Gothic teen days, but they have the cutest knickknacky things.) my mother actually found these awesome Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon little key chain things. They sell all of the sailor moon characters from what I can tell, but I kept composure and just bought two. Which I now regret, so I will probably be going back for more. Frankly I'm thinking about turning them into the weirdest -greatest- earrings ever.

Thanks for reading, and I hope your having a Happy New Year!
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