KBShimmer Vitamin Sea Swatches & Review

I have today off from work, so instead of posting this tonight I can post it earlier, and spend the rest of my day doing very productive things, like play Elder Scrolls. (I'm 27!)

KBShimmer is one of my favorite nail polish brands, I sadly do not have many polishes from them, but when I do get a new shade it never disappoints.
Today I have swatches of Vitamin Sea, which I bought with Scribble Me This many moons ago, and have been meaning to swatch on the blog ever since. Today is the day!

Unsurprisingly, I am in love. I love any sea inspired polish, and this one looks like your wearing very shimmery lagoon water, just you know, with less fear of creatures from said lagoon wanting to eat your hand much more than adorn it.
I feel like The Creature from the Black Lagoon would compliment my mani while simultaneously trying to catch me and attack my pal David. (*Falls on nothing because every girl back then had the legs of a new born fawn* David! David!)
Side note, that is a fun inside joke in my family. To put your hand to your forehead and cry: David! David! Check out the first Creature movie if you have no idea what I'm babbling about and are curious.

Anyway! Vitamin Sea is a jelly-like sheer blue base, full of metallic round and hex glitters in varying sizes and shades of blue, green, violet, gold, and silver.
The base formula's sheer quality works very well with the glitter, it creates that nice jelly sandwich look I am fond of, and it just has this pretty iridescence that plays into the water-like look of the shade.
Because of the sheerness, this polish does need an extra coat or two if worn on its own. I used three coats for the coverage shown above, but a bit of my free-edges is still visible, if that irks you like it does me, maybe throw on an extra coat.  

Glitter-wise, while the largest hex glitters took a bit of fishing to get out of the bottle, the glitter applied smoothly with no clumps. I only had to dab on some pieces with the brush occasionally, just to fill in any gaps normal brush strokes missed. The very fine glitter really helps to fill in the gaps as well.

My swatches are three coats, followed by my O.P.I top coat.
The natural finish of this shade is on the matte side, which looks super nice as well, but applying a glossy top coat really shows off the lagoon quality in my opinion. Always a bonus when a polish has different ways to wear it.

I don't really know where KBShimmer polishes are sold everywhere. I usually run across them on Amazon, where they sell for around $8.00. Sadly as of writing this I cannot find this shade on Amazon any longer, the turn over rate on there is crazy!

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