Kawaii Box Unboxing: November 2015

I will just note like in my last Kawaii Box unboxing (here) I am not that lazy, shipping takes quite a bit of time with this subscription box, I always get each month's box the following month. So I did not receive my November box until mid-December. Now, I will also use the go-to holiday excuse for why I forgot to post it since then. (Ah, the holidays, the perfect scapegoat for lack of productivity! Is it truly the reason? Or is it I sat in sweatpants and watched countless Game Grumps playlists and forgot to post this. The world may never know...)

Nora Band Highlighter Set:
Love anything with cute anthropomorphic animals on it, and these are not only anthropomorphic, but in a little band! I'm sold. I have started getting into the whole paper planner decorating thing -Which I'm thinking of making a post about, but can't decide yet.- so these would work well for it.

Strawberry Pocky Biscuit Sticks:
I normally don't care too much about the candy portion of these boxes, since I am also a Skoshbox subscriber, but I will never pass up strawberry Pocky. Yum.

Rain Boot Pen:
No clue why it is a boot, but it's adorable so I'm happy. Plus I lose pens like crazy, so this box gives me a steady supply of cute replacements.

Xmas Puffy Stickers:
As I mentioned I'm getting into planner decorating, so getting cute stickers every month is awesome. I already used these to decorate the December section of my new planner a bit, and it looks really cute.

Cute Xmas Card Set:
Don't have a picture because I forgot to take one before sending the card off to family for Christmas! Oops.

2016 Desktop Calendar:
Very cute mini calendar that can actually stand up on a little built in stand. It currently livens up my work desk.

Harajuku Bag Charm:
Not the biggest fan of this one. It just is not that cute, and frankly looks like something I would hang in a parrot cage as a toy. I gave it to my kitten, who thinks it is a very interesting thing to beat the crap out of and throw around to hear the bell ring. At least someone is getting use out of it.

Kawaii Plush Beans:
Doesn't seem to have any purpose, but it is super adorable, so I am fine with it. You can actually take the little beans out of the pod, but I know the second I do my kitten is going to immediately think they are toys for her, and I'll never get them back. The life of a kitten owner, just trying to hide things from being destroyed by the little monster.

Squishy Emoticon Bread Charm:
At this point I have more key chains than keys, but this is very cute.

Kawaii Fruits Hair Pin Set:
This picture doesn't match the others because I forgot about these pins and had to take the picture later. I really don't wear hair clips, but they are cute. I'm going to think of some other purpose, I might use them as page markers or something.

Cute Canvas Pouch:
Again, I am so great at remembering to take pictures of things! You can kind of see this underneath all my other pictures this post. I meant to take a stand alone picture of this pouch, but of course forgot. It has a cute bunny and strawberries on it, so just use your imagination... See? Cute right? Close enough.

Thanks for reading!
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