CoverGirl Star Wars Collection Part.3

Tonight I have a quick little post showing the last two polishes I bought from CoverGirl's Star Wars inspired collection (You can find the other polishes here & here). This post is most likely going to be a lot less babble filled than normal, only because I am wicked tired. I have been staying up way too late playing Elder Scrolls and it has come back to haunt me, right in time for my upcoming night shifts this week, so it probably wouldn't kill me to make it an early night for once.

Anywho, let's talk polish while I'm still alert enough to spell properly.

Snow Storm is a bright, crisp white creme. I always love a good white polish, it works perfectly as a base or accent for nail art, and when worn alone always looks very pretty and fresh. Usually the one pitfall I find is that the formula is thin so it takes extra coats to cover. However, this polishes formula is wonderful, and I only needed three thin coats.
I love the look of this frosty, bright white, it is also surprisingly flattering against my ghostly pale skin.

I topped my swatch off with one coat of my O.P.I top coat.

Diva After Dark is a black base full of slightly holographic silver shimmer. I also love a good black polish, must be thanks to my past Goth teen days, and it is always fun when they try something different than the usual basic black. In my pictures it's a bit hard to see the shimmer on my nails, but it looks very pretty in person. You can see it way more in the bottle pictures below.

Like most dark shades coverage is a cake walk. I only needed two coats for full coverage. My swatch is topped with one coat of my O.P.I top coat.

I am a fan of both shades, though Snow Storm is my favorite of the two. Just like the last two polishes I swatched from this collection, it appears from what I've found online these two shades also are just core shades mixed in with the limited edition colors. You can buy them with or without the Star Wars sticker, without seems to be the easiest (and cheapest), so if you're not really a Star Wars fan but love the colors never fear! You can find them.

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss retails usually for around $3 - $6, and can be found online, or wherever CoverGirl products are sold near you locally. I found both of these shades on Amazon as of writing this. Without the Star Wars sticker they were the normal cost, however the ones I saw with the sticker were only in bundles, and were way overpriced in my opinion. People being tricky!

Thanks for reading! To check out more swatch & reviews I've done click here.


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