Teeny-Tiny Forever 21 Haul

Hello, long time no see! It's been about a week I think since I last posted. I was given a week off from work as I'm working the holidays, so I spent most of this past week relaxing, playing video games, eating way too much junk food, and watching way too many movies. Frankly a wonderful week if I do say so myself. It was a perfect recharge for me, and I was even able to get some chores done off my ever growing to-do list that have been on there for what feels like a millennia.

Anyway, today I am sharing the smallest haul ever. Three items does not really equate to a haul I'm sure, but I very rarely shop at Forever 21 anymore as there are none where I live, which is really surprising as akin to Starbucks they are usually everywhere, and also in all honesty I am really not feeling the stock they carry any longer. The clothes they used to sell were very girly, a bit trendy, and slightly quirky. Now it feels way more trendy, meme filled, and frankly stupid. Some of the shirts they sell now may drop your IQ when wearing them. I can still find some cute things occasionally, but I usually stick to CottonOn or Marshall's now.

The only reason this tiny haul even happened was the awesome shoes I mentioned in my November favorites list. I was only going to buy the shoes, but Forever21 was giving free shipping when you spent $30 or more, so off to clearance I went! I was only willing to pay full price on just the shoes, I do have Scrooge McDuck tendencies after all.

It's ridiculous how much I love these shoes. I first saw them on Pinterest, and doubting fully they would have my size because of how close the holidays are, I went to the website to check. They of course did not have my size, but they did have a half size down, so I risked it. Like I said in my favorites list, luckily they fit perfectly, and I've received quite a few compliments on them.

I really refuse to buy something simply for the sake of buying something. If I could not find anything I really liked I was just going to pay the shipping. I did however find a couple really cute things, including these funky lace bell bottom pants in the clearance area of the site.

My one tip is to take the review sections with a grain of salt! There were four reviews on these pants saying how awesome they were, but that they ran very small. Because these are clearance they are final sale, so worried about them not fitting I bought a medium instead of a small... and of course they are too big! Haha. I can still wear them, but I'm sure they would look even better had they fit properly. Since sadly my Tardis is in the shop, I'm making them work.

Lastly, I bought my mom -a self described sock addict- some Christmas themed gingerbread man socks, and myself these adorable popcorn box ones.
It just dawned on me while writing this that the popcorn socks would look really cute poking out of the shoes. (Duh!) 

Thanks for reading this tiny haul! To see more hauls I've posted click here.



  1. Haha! Scrooge McDuck tendencies! I think I suffer the same complex! Those shoes are incredible, I would constantly be walking with my head bent down gazing at their silver shiny-ness! *heart eye emoji*

    Aysh x

    1. Trust me I do! I'm lucky I haven't bumped into anything yet, haha.


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