Skoshbox Unboxing: December 2015

Time for my last Skoshbox of 2015!
This month's box is another collaboration with the brand Glico, which makes those yummy Pocky sticks and many other treats common in SkoshBoxes.
I really enjoyed the last collab box, so I was excited to see what would be offered in round two.

Pejoy Matcha Cream: Matcha cream filled biscuit sticks.

Pejoy Cookies & Cream: Cookies and cream filled biscuit sticks.

First off I got some new-to-me flavors of Pejoy biscuit sticks. You get the biscuit sticks a lot in Skoshboxes, but it is nothing to sneeze at as they are always very good. Plus Glico seems to have a ton of interesting flavors.
I love matcha so that flavor was delicious, and so was the super sweet cookies and cream version. They are thicker than the pocky sticks, and remind me of those cereal straw things that were a fad for 5 minutes in the states.

Pocky Ultra Slim: Super slim Pocky sticks.
The super slim tag line makes me think of cigarettes... But besides the odd name, they are really good. If you've never had Pocky I would highly recommend if you have a sweet tooth. It is pretty easy to find as well, I see it sold at my local grocery store now. Usually the strawberry version, which is one of the best anyway.

Pretz Hot Chili Salad: Hot chili salad sticks, spicy!
I really didn't find them that spicy, but they were good. The more savory snacks are nice as it breaks up all the sweets common in this subscription box.
I couldn't really place the flavor to anything I've had before, just very savory with a hint of spice.

Almond Peak Clear Crisp: Chocolate with candied almonds.
Never had candied almonds before, so this was a treat to try. The almonds were way more crunchy, and had an almost peanut brittle like texture to them. One of my favorites from this box, so good!

Pocky Demitasse: Premium extra rich pocky sticks.
This is some fancy Pocky! Love the gold packaging, and the Pocky itself was a nice dark chocolate. I always prefer dark chocolate so this was another favorite.

Another thing I enjoy about Pocky is if you hold it in your fingers like a cigarette, you kind of feel like Cruella De Vil, just you know, minus the possible lung cancer and attempted dog murder.

Bisco Cafe Au Lait: Cafe Au Lait cream biscuits.
Biscuits flavored like coffee with milk, with a semi-creepy baby face on the front.
Minus the whole weird baby face thing, these were so good. They have a really nice coffee flavor, and I wish I had a case of them right now.

Caplicocot Hearts: Pop out heart chocolates.
These sweets have that really yummy whipped chocolate that I wish we had in candy in the states, and it comes in a very cute little egg-carton like container.

Lastly I received three accessory items!
A little Pocky key chain pen, some strawberry Pocky chop sticks I do not know how to hold right, and the best of all, a Pikachu tail key chain! I love Pokemon, and I of course love pikachu, so this was a welcome surprise. It is currently hanging off the side of my purse, showing my Pokemon pride. Or as my brother sees it, my prize of victory for murdering a Pikachu... I prefer the whole not murderous pride angle myself.

Thanks for reading! To see what I got in my November box click here.


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