November 2015 Favorites

I realized it's been a few months since I posted my monthly favorites! I do quite enjoy blathering on about the random things that attract me like a moth to a flame each month, so I thought it about time to bring the favorites list back.
I guess you can say this entire blog is just me blathering, and I totally agree, but these posts are much more random and not about one single item so I always enjoy them, no matter how cliche favorites lists are in the blogging world.

I plan on making a little Forever 21 haul because I bought a couple other items besides these, but I could not make a favorites list and not talk about these damn shoes!
I first saw them on Pinterest, then decided randomly to see if they might have my size on the website one night. They did not, but I just risked it and bought one half size down, and crossed my fingers they would fit. So glad they did, as they are just gorgeous. I am normally an 8, but the 7 1/2 fit perfectly.
I still need to break them in a bit however, I wore them for an unexpectedly long errand run yesterday and my feet felt worse than my brain does after watching too long of a Real Housewives marathon on HULU. Just like said show, until these shoes are broken in it's all about moderation.

The necklace and ring I bought in my recent World Market haul and have been wearing with practically every outfit all month, just love them.

Target has been selling old school Batman knickknacks and things, which I have been loving.
They have other DC, and also Marvel stuff, but the Batman versions are my favorites.
I found these awesome Mr.J & Harley Quinn magnets that now decorate my nail polish helmer, and the key chains are from little mystery bags. I had to get two Batman dupes to get Joker, but so worth it. I am still on the hunt to get Harley Quinn and Two Face, who are also listed as possibilities on the mystery bags.

My nail polish favorite this past month is the colorful Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop, which you can find my full swatches of here. This shade is absolutely one of my favorite polishes out of the way-too-many I own.

My makeup favorite for November is the L'Oreal Magic Anti-Redness Correcting Primer. I bought this spur of the moment during a BOGO sale at Walgreens, and am now a big fan. I have a bit of a red tone to my cheeks and nose that my ghostly pale skin just makes ever more prominent, and I find this works wonders to just help tone everything out before I apply my foundation.
I think I may post a more detailed review of this eventually, but it is definitely a favorite I had to add to my list this month.

A little decor favorite for November are these adorable Classic Disney wooden pictures I stumbled on at Hobby Lobby. I don't often shop there, but went to look for something random and found these. Living in Florida has just fed the Disney addiction.

She's a great photography assistant, as you can tell!
My last, and frankly cutest favorite for November, and the end of time, is Blue, an adorable kitten we found living in our backyard. I normally am hesitant to remove a kitten from their mother, but after keeping an eye out for a bit it was obvious the mother did not intend to take care of this poor baby, and she was very malnourished based on how much she ate from the food we would leave out.

We took her in on November 1st, and she is an ingrained member of my furry family now. Luckily living outside for the 5 weeks she appeared to be (Based on her size and motor skills when we found her) did not affect her health too drastically, besides a bit of a respiratory infection.
She's now approximately 9 weeks old, getting over said respiratory infection thanks to antibiotics, and is a crazy little thing. Don't let the cute face in these pictures fool you, she is a madwoman.

For anyone thinking I have an odd fixation on Blues Clues, she is named after the Velociraptor Blue from Jurassic World, which I had just watched the day before finding her. Probably just as weird a name origin, but frankly way cooler!

Now I will end this post with more pictures of Blue, enjoy:

From one of the very first days after bringing her in.
Thanks for reading!
To check out what made my favorites list way back in July click here.



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