Let It Snow...

...But Not Really Because I Live In Florida!

I was planning on posting nail art inspired by my recent Alice:Madness Returns play-through today, but then it dawned on me that Christmas is right around the corner, and by my next Sunday nail art posting it would be a few days late from the big day. So, while you or I may think nail art inspired by a mentally unstable girl and her crumbling Wonderland would be the epitome of the Christmas holiday, I decided to quickly make some nail art more on the quintessential side for the people who may not feel the same. (Boring, I know!)

We went a bit crazy this holiday season, and have five trees around the house. They are of varying sizing obviously, this isn't Hogwarts -I wish!-. The largest tree we have is very multicolored with mint, blue, yellow, green, pink, silver, gold, etc. Basically it looks like the My Little Ponies decorated a tree but it fell into a vortex and landed in our living room. So I based my design on one of the mint ornaments from said rainbow pony tree.

(Sorry the picture quality is not that great. The sun was not visiting picture day, and my camera could not handle the sparkle explosion that was both the ornament and my nails.)

My base is Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet. For the majority of my nails I then made a glitter gradient starting at my free-edges using Zoya Tomoko, and applied some snowflake stamps using BundleMonster plate BM-H01 and Milani White.

For my accent nail I just randomly really liked the cute knotted stamp on BundleMonster plate BM-406, so I applied it using Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure, and topped that off with the same snowflake stamping.

I finished the look off with one coat of my O.P.I top coat.

If I had planned things out like a normal person, I probably could have come up with something more intricate and interesting, but I do like the finished product. It looks way better in person, my camera and lighting just wasn't having it that day, so the pictures don't really do it justice. It will be fun to wear for the holidays.

Happy Holidays! Thanks for reading!
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