If There's Two Things I Hate in This World, It's Cockroaches and Crying Babies!

"Though, I suppose a crying baby cockroach would be truly terrible."

It's that time again for more video game inspired nail art! This weeks design is based on what has to be one of my favorite -I know I say this often, but this one is serious, I could play this game for all eternity as some odd form of purgatory and be happy. Though I think that defeats the purpose of purgatory...- games of all time. I love it, I've played it countless times and never tire of it, and I feel like it is overlooked. I know Bayonetta is old, but I never hear of anyone talking about how awesome this game is besides me, (and my mother and brother, who I have lulled into the cult of Bayonetta) so I figured I would show my love for this game through my nails.

Little side rant: You would think since I just pointed out that no one talks about this game anymore, that would mean I could get my hands on a Bayonetta figurine, right? Wrong. They run for upwards of $300! Hear that? That would be the sound of my untrusting wallet running for the hills. Though it has nothing to worry about since that cost is almost half my rent, so I had to take a big old pass on those shenanigans. Just had to point this discovery out as it was a total shocker. I will point out that Jeanne figures were selling for as little as $20 however, poor Jeanne.

If you've never heard of Bayonetta, the story can be a bit muddled and hard to explain at times, so I will just say that the title character Bayonetta is an Umbra Witch who loves lollipops, over sized guns, and summoning demons through portals from Hell with her hair. She also has a thing for butterflies, and dislikes crying babies and cockroaches. Basically just your normal, everyday girl...

For my nail art I started with a base of Milani Black Swift on my thumb, index finger, and pinkie, then applied Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure using Bundle Monster plate BM-404. The attempt at a crescent moon was made with a striping brush and Gilty Pleasure, and the little red gem is from a little nail accessory gem set I've had forever.

My middle and ring finger I based on the butterfly wings Bayonetta secretly has that only open when she long jumps. I started with a gradient of Julep CassidyBlack Heart Beauty Neon BlueConfetti Belle of the Ball, and Pure Ice No Means No, (Seriously, I hate this name. It's creepy.) and topped the gradient off with my butterfly wing stamp from NailzCraze plate NC01 using Milani Black Swift.

The look is finished off with one coat of O.P.I top coat, and one coat of Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat.

Thanks for reading! To check out more nail art I've done click here.


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