CoverGirl Star Wars Collection Part.2

Merry Christmas Eve!
Keeping with the tradition I seem to be setting on this blog of posting the most random and not festive things on holidays, let's talk Star Wars this jolly Xmas Eve! (The new movie was released this month, so it fits... Sort of... If you really squint your eyes and believe.)

Today I am sharing two more polishes I bought from the Star Wars themed beauty collection CoverGirl released for the new movie. The last two polishes I swatched I believe are limited edition, but I found these next two online easily, they appear to just be mixed in core shades that went with the theme of the collection. You can find them online with or without the Star Wars labeling, and from what I've seen they can even be cheaper if you just buy the normal bottles. However, if your like me and love Star Wars you might be able to still find them with the logo on it, though when I looked on Amazon some people are being very greedy and charging ridiculous prices, so watch out for that, they are just stickers after all. I found mine at Walgreens for the same normal price as the regular sticker free bottles.
(I won't get into my "sticker" rant again, you can check out part.1 for that if you wish, I won't bore you by repeating myself. I will just say I would have bought both of these shades without the logo as well, simply because I loved the colors, but being a Star Wars fan, I did want the themed version. Since the price was no different that day, why not! Just don't fall for some of these sellers if your an Amazon shopper like me, they are not worth up to $90 because of a sticker! I'm sure the holidays also had a hand in the price jump as well.)

First up is Emerald Blaze, my favorite of them all. This is a gorgeous emerald -shocking!- green holographic shade with tones of copper, gold, and violet in the right light.
This shade has wonderful coverage, and a very smooth formula, I only needed two coats to cover.
I love green toned polishes, and I really like this color with my skin tone. It is also really fun to wear, and the bright green works well for the holidays. Again, just cannot stop loving this color.

I for the first time skipped the top coat, as I know the claim is with Outlast that the top coat is built in. I really wish I had used one however, because my nails were already showing tip wear and chipping only hours after painting and photographing them. I'm not a rock climber, coal miner, or frankly anyone whose work does a number on their hands or nails. I work from home, usually wearing my fave Star Wars sweat pants, so I should not be active enough to chip polish within hours of application. While the shades apply great and have wonderful color pay off, I think I will stick with the extra top coat step from as I always have. I never have any issues with the Outlast brand when I do.

Golden Opportunity is a beautiful glittery gold shade. I used to hate gold when I was younger, now in my old age of almost 27 (Tomorrow is the big day!) whether it's gold jewelry -costume gold, again I am basically Scrooge McDuck after all.- or nail polish I can't get enough. I love the more vintage look it can give.
One of my favorite gold polishes I own is Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure, which is not as sparkly as this shade but has a similar soft gold color, so I am happy to add this sparkle filled version to my collection.

Golden Opportunity is on the thinner side, I needed three coats for the coverage pictured, but I think one more wouldn't have hurt.

Out of both shades Emerald Blaze has to be my favorite, but I can see myself gravitating to Golden Opportunity very often when I need a sparkly gold for nail designs. I think it would make a beautiful base for stamping, as stamping with it may not work given how sheer it is.

CoverGirl Outlast Nail Gloss retails for around $3-$6 depending on the store, and can be found online, at your local drugstore, grocery store, Target, I think it's harder not to find CoverGirl. As I said before, these are regular shades re-branded for Star Wars, so while the logo adorned versions seem to be selling for a higher cost at some places when I looked online, you can easily find the normal bottles for the $3-$6 price point. I found a few on Amazon at the writing of this, and one unadorned bottle of Golden Opportunity is selling for as little as $3 as an Add-On.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a Merry Christmas tomorrow!
To check out part.1 of my CoverGirl Star Wars swatches click here.


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