CoverGirl Star Wars Collection Part.1

I am calling this part one, as I bought four more shades from this collection that I will swatch soon. It was such a rarity to find the Star Wars display not picked clean for once that I went slightly bonkers.

This collection is inspired by the Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which is coming out later this month, and I am cautiously optimistic about. I am a later Star Wars fan, my brother had been trying to get me to watch the original trilogy for years and finally after too long a time I did, and really enjoyed them. (I now buy anything that catches my eye with Darth Vader or Storm Troopers on it.)He also gave me the wise tip to not bother watching the prequels, and I listened and stuck to his advice, but this movie has me too curious not to go see.

The Covergirl collection contains lipstick, mascara, and nail polish, but unsurprisingly my only focus was the polish.

Now, I am going to start with some complaints. I know I did buy six shades from this collection, but I am a Star Wars/nail polish fan and I really liked the color selection offered. Buying this many shades doesn't mean I don't have some grievances. My grievance being CoverGirl's lack of creativity frankly.
Only three of the shades are limited edition and seem to be sold exclusively for this themed collection. The rest are core colors that meshed with the Star Wars theme. While I did buy the shades because I really liked them, they still feel like just a place filler. I would have bought them regardless of the Star Wars logo, but I would have greatly preferred more themed polishes, with better names in fact. I feel like O.P.I or KBShimmer would have had a field day with all the Star Wars puns and quotes CoverGirl passed by. I know the names are a dumb complaint, but I always enjoy a good pun.

My other complaint is the actual Star Wars logo. Really? A sticker? And half of them the sticker is crooked! I would have gladly paid a little extra to have some sort of interesting bottle, or even just a topper, to make the "limited edition" tag line feel more substantial than just an ill placed sticker making it stand out from the crowd.

I will end my rant saying I still love the shades I bought, and am glad to have them part of my collection, but just wanted to have a little ramble over a couple things that bothered me, sorry!

Speed of Light is a taupe/grey creme, and is one of the three limited edition shades. I love a good grey, and the creme formula applied nicely.

If you may see what looks like glitter in any of the photos of this shade or the next one, you are not crazy, and that is not a normal facet of this formula. I was decorating the house for Christmas while wearing the polishes, and let's just say glitter is a contributing factor in my Xmas decor. Glitter and slightly tacky polish is not a great mix if your not planning it!

My swatches are three thin coats followed by my O.P.I top coat. (I keep trying to remember that the Outlast formulas don't need a top coat, but my old lady brain always forgets.)

Red Revenge is a classic tomato red creme, also one of the limited edition trio. I don't really gravitate toward red tones, but I still like a good classic red nail for some reason. Very chic and polished look, though when my nails are long I think it can read too grandma-ish.  Reds usually always have a good formula and this polish was no exception, I only needed two coats to cover.

My swatches are yet again topped with one coat of my O.P.I top coat. (My old brain! My body may be 26, but with my memory you would have thought I was 96.)

CoverGirl Outlast usually retail for around $4.00 - $5.00, and can be found online, or at your local drugstore, Walmart, Target, grocery store, anywhere CoverGirl is sold near you. The two colors I've shown today I've already mentioned are limited edition. They were nowhere to be seen when I was last at the display my Walgreens has, but I have found them easily when searching online so I don't think finding them will be a problem.

If your an Amazon shopper like me, you can find these shades in bundles and alone, though some can be overpriced in comparison to what they are sold for in store. Also watch out as some sellers are trying to pass off the core shades which are being sold as part of the star wars collection -but can be found easily, just not with the Star Wars decal.- as limited edition, and upping the price. Tricky, tricky!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. I'm loving all of the Star Wars collections!

  2. Aaah how lucky! I don't think ANY brands are jumping on the Star Wars bandwagon except maybe Maxfactor here in the UK & from what I've seen its not all the great which saddens me! Imagine the potential! Looking forward to seeing the rest!


    1. That's a bummer! Though even here Covergirl is the only makeup brand I've seen so far making Star Wars themed products. I just bought the Mascara as well, which has nice packaging and quotes printed on it.


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