Very First Kawaii Box Unboxing!

This box is actually for September, so I am very late in posting this. I kept meaning to, but I switched my blog schedule around a bit and this post got lost in the shuffle. I took it as a sign when my second box arrived today that it was about time I posted this one!

I recently quit my Julep subscription box and have been looking for a fun replacement. I actually found this subscription the same way I found Skoshbox, which is from the SharlaInJapan YouTube channel. If you are like me and love Japan, this is an awesome channel to watch. She makes "day in the life" type videos all about her experiences and sights to see as a foreigner living there. I recently saw a video from this channel about the Kawaii subscription box, which is full of toys, trinkets, candy, and stationary items from Japan and Korea and was instantly sold. I already have Skoshbox, which is full of Japanese snacks, so why not have adorable accessories to fill my house as well!

I had terrible weather photo day, so sorry for the odd lighting. I had to use just lamp light so it's a bit spotty.

Alpaca Pouch.
First I got this adorable Alpaca pencil/pen bag. I already have a bag to store my drawing pens and pencils, but I am going to go back North to visit family in a few months, so this would make a super cute makeup bag for the trip.

DIY Bracelet Kit.
Takes me far back to my kindergarten days making crafts. I don't care how old I am I will be making some dorky bracelets with this.

Moomin Mini Pouch.
My coin pocket in my wallet basically exploded like George's mega wallet on Seinfeld, so this is a cute replacement.

Again, the picture quality sucks, sorry! Even more so than usual, but you get the idea. I think next time I will try not to be impatient and wait for the bad weather to pass before taking pictures.
Cute Animal Greeting Card.
I don't often send greeting cards, but how cute is this little one?

Kawaii Foods Sticker Set.
Always love stickers, and these are now decorating my Mac case:

Caplico Mini Ice Cream Candy & Kabaya Fish Gummies.
I could take or leave the included candy. I think the only reason is because I do have a Skoshbox subscription, so I already have my fill of Japanese snack treats, but for someone who doesn't I'm sure this is a fun addition. I kind of wish it was just trinkets.
(Regardless, the ice cream candy was really good, I've had it from Skoshbox before. I gave the gummies away, but I think they are just like Swedish Fish if you've ever had those. They were my father's favorite candy.)

Cute Egg Mini Plush & Kawaii Toast Squishy Charm.
I can never have too many key chains, -At this point I think I have more key chains than keys!- and these are some cute additions. I love the little toast guy the most, though so does my little ferret Raven. He already has some puncture wounds thanks to her...

Neck Stretching Bunny Pen & Fragrance Beads.
Lastly I got this cute little pen, and a fragrance jar I smartly forgot to photograph separately, but you can see in the terrible group picture at the beginning of this post. It smells Exactly like Lemon Pledge so I am not too crazy about it, but the pen is adorable.

Overall, I really like this subscription box. Everything in it is really cute and fun, and it's a nice surprise every month to see what cute accessories I'll get next. If you're interested in this box you can check out their website (This is not sponsored or anything, I'm just a subscription box addict.), I bought the recurring one month plan for $18.90 per month, but they have a few different options.

Thanks for reading! I am looking forward to posting more Kawaii Box unboxing to fill the Julep void, hopefully with better lighting. :p


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