Skoshbox Unboxing November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving... Eve! I don't know if that's a thing, but it is now.
In commemoration of the food induced coma I will be in by the end of tomorrow, here's what I received, and subsequently devoured, in my November Skoshbox.

Hello Kitty Marshmallow: Creamy green tea marshmallows.
Matcha and Hello Kitty is a pairing I am A-OK with. The packaging is adorable, and the marshmallows were very good. I really couldn't taste the matcha very much, but I think these would taste great in hot chocolate.

Ponsuke Nori Senbei: Sweet & salty nori senbei bites.
Nope. Cute packaging, which I am always a sucker for, but again, nope.

Look Green Tea Choco: Premium green tea filling.
Love matcha so these were a lovely treat. Sadly the Florida heat made it so they did not look as lovely as they tasted, but melted chocolate is still chocolate.

Dotour Coffee Beans: Chocolate coffee beans.
I've heard of chocolate coated coffee beans, but never tried them before. I love coffee so it was a given I would like these. I loved them so much when I ran out I found similar chocolate coated espresso beans at my local Target that have become a snacking staple.

Apollo Chocolates: Classic strawberry chocolates.
As always Japan makes the best strawberry candy, yum.

Kinako Wafer Cookies: Kinako flavored cookies.
Had no clue what Kinako was, but luckily I live in a world with Google, so I know now it is roasted soybean flour. They really didn't have a unique flavor, similar to any wafer cookies you find at the grocery store, but like last month's box I still enjoy the Ted-like teddy bears on the packaging.

Sakupan-Land: Almond cream choco biscuits.
Ah, Florida, can always make cutely decorated confectionery items look like horrendous blobs by the time they arrive at my door. I'm sure by the picture on the front I should have had little round biscuits with adorable panda's screened on the front, but the pandas met a melty demise long before reaching my mailbox. Still tasted good however!

Lastly, my accessory items. I received an eggplant memo clip, and cute sushi eraser. Because Japan can make even innocuous pencil erasers utterly adorable very easily.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Thanksgiving!
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