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Hello again!
Today I have some more video game nail art. I am totally on a kick lately making game nail designs, and loving every minute of it. As I mentioned in previous posts, I plan on getting an XBox One soon, so I have been replaying my XBox 360 games for the fun of it while I wait. I just have the urge to replay all of them, and embarrassingly enough I even have a couple I haven't even played yet! So I want to finally play those as well in my spare time.

Today's nail art is based on one of my favorite games of all time, (That is also FINALLY getting a sequel next year!) Mirror's Edge. This game I believe is one of the first to be based around free running and "parkour". You play as Faith, a Runner who plays the messenger, getting important information to the right people out of the prying eyes of the nefarious people in charge in this fictional, almost futuristic city. You rarely use the streets, it's all about scaling roofs, walls, ducts, and the occasional subway system.

A really fun game, and one I have replayed countless times. Though I will admit it is also on the frustrating side, when she misses the ledge and falls what feels like a billion stories from a roof, it is hard not to let the obscenities fly, (and man do I let them fly!), but I still love it.

Just like my favorite art style the Batman:Arkham games use for their art stills, this game uses stark white bases with simple focal colors, but in the actual game itself. Not only does it add to the modern and controlled vibe they're going for, but it also plays a crucial part in the game. While there are areas were the focal colors are blue, green, yellow, etc. What you are looking for while free running is red. Instead of using a clunky map to mark where to go, you just look for anything red. A platform, pipe to climb, plank in a suspiciously perfect spot to be a ramp to fling yourself over to another roof with... Red is your guide, and it is a game mechanic I still love to this day.

For my nail art I stuck with the red color scheme, and also used very geometric shapes, since that is another style you see a lot in the game. I started with a base of Milani White, then stamped on O.P.I Coca Cola Red with Bundlemonster plates BM-414 and BM-403.

My accent nails are inspired by Faith's geometric arm tattoo. In the actual game it is much more detailed, and a bit too complicated to capture on a nail, so I based my recreation on how the tattoo looks in the animated cut scenes, which is much more simple.
The base is again Milani White, then I free-handed the tattoo using a fine tipped nail art brush and Milani Black Swift.

I topped my design off with one coat of O.P.I top coat, then one coat of Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat.

While I'm a bit unhappy my top coat made some bubbles in my black lines, I really liked how this nail art came out. I always have the most fun making video game themed designs, so don't be surprised that quite a few more are already in the wings! :p

Thanks for reading!
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