L.A Noire

Today I have more nail art inspired by yet another game I have just replayed. Though embarrassingly enough given how old this game is, this is the first time I've beaten it! Not that this game is particularly hard, just that it was one of those games where I would really get into playing it, but then life would get in the way (Damn you responsibilities! Can't you see I'm a 1940's detective right now!?) so by the time I would be able to play it again, I would just start over since by then I would forget where I was. I finally had the time to finish this game recently, and it was awesome. Even if the end had me like, WHAT!?!

L.A Noire is set in Los Angeles in the 40's. You play as patrol officer Cole Phelps, rising through the ranks in the L.A.P.D solving various crimes, and of course plenty of murders. The game has you move from desk to desk, solving different types of crimes in each precinct. Each case seemingly different, but all tied in a much more dramatic story arc you slowly discover as the game goes on.

The game is just gorgeous, super realistic, and they rely on facial recognition so the character faces are really impressive in their expressive range. Which comes in handy as you have to watch for subtle facial clues when questioning people to discover if they are being honest, or, as Cole likes to say, "Being economical with the truth."

For my nail art I decided to start with a newspaper transfer base, since they play a role in the game. There are newspaper Easter Eggs throughout the city, which if you find them each one plays a clip that adds more to the big story arc.

I started with a base of CoverGirl Speed of Light -From the Star Wars collection, which I will post swatches of soon!- Though now I wish I chose a lighter color, but it does add to the vintage feel so I can live with it. Once the base was dry, I tore pieces of newspaper and held them against each nail, then used a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol to dampen the newspaper, like you would a temporary tattoo. I let the paper sit for a bit, then slowly removed it, leaving the print behind on my nails.

My crime related stamps of caution tape, fingerprints, cuffs, and blood splatter (Which I made into ink splatter.) are Milani polishes Black Swift & White, with BundleMonster plates BM-414, BM-416, and BM-421.

Everything is topped off with one coat of O.P.I top coat, then one coat of Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat.

Thanks for reading!
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