Itty Bitty World Market Haul

I recently took another trip to World Market, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores for home decor and just random house things, so I figured today I would share my tiny haul from there.
I say tiny because I really didn't buy much this go around. I was just looking for little knickknacks to decorate my bookshelf, as well as have a weirder second job as props for blog photos.

They sadly for once were lacking a bit on the knickknack side, but I found a few cute things, and some jewelry that I did not plan on buying but couldn't resist!

First I found this little elephant ornament that is positively drowned in blue glitter. It is a Christmas ornament, which I am lacking since we left all our Christmas decorations in the move to Florida, so he looks great on a table in my bedroom now, but will also look great later on my tree.

I also bought this tiny Eiffel Tower glitter -I'm sensing a pattern?...- snow globe. It photographs really pretty, so I think it will be a cute prop in pictures.

Next I got these adorable little black and white cats, I think they are supposed to be like those lucky cat statues, but I'm not sure. As well as this cloche enclosed bird and branch.This one is a bit too big to be used as a photo prop, but it was on clearance for only a couple of dollars so I bought it anyway, why not.

Lastly, I bought this little dish, and jewelry. The dish reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, and is just very cute. It is actually to hold the bag after making tea, but I plan on using it to hold rings on my vanity, and to occasionally hold nail polish bottles for pictures.

I've never been much of a crystal jewelry wearer, but I could not pass up this gorgeous ring and chain necklace. I believe they are real stones, I think I remember the packaging saying how no piece will look the same because of each crystals different composition, I'm just useless in telling you what each one is, because I have no clue...

Thanks for reading this quick little haul! To check out more hauls I've posted click here.



  1. Great haul! That tea bag holder is the cutest! And yes those are maneki neko, or beckoning cat. They are actually the inspiration behind Hello Kitty :)

    1. Thank you! I did not know that, I love Hello Kitty! :)


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