Skoshbox Unboxing October 2015

This is pretty late! I meant to post my October Skoshbox unboxing weeks ago, but I was having fun posting hauls, since they are a rarity, however today I am finally sharing what I got in this month's Skoshbox.

Koala's March Wata-ame: Cotton candy cream filling.
I know I have had these cookies in a previous box, but I think they were chocolate. While nothing can compare to chocolate to me, these were very good. Unsurprisingly given how awesome Japan is at capturing flavors perfectly, these taste exactly like cotton candy, and even almost have that wispy quality to the cream filling that real cotton candy has.

Sono-manma Peach Gum: Seriously mouth watering gumballs.
I am not a big chewing gum fan, but I still tasted these. They are very peach-y, and while I don't care for them that much, the package itself is adorable!

Otona-zeitaku Chocoball: Premium chocolate covered peanuts.
I am really enjoying Skoshbox's "adult series" of candy, which is more on the chocolate side, and less of the gummy candy stuff. These were very good. The peanuts tasted like they were coated in dark chocolate, which was delicious.

Kimchi Senbei Bites: Mini Kimchi rice crackers.
Because I waited way too long to post this, my old lady brain has forgotten what some of these tasted like. Case in point, I don't really remember the taste of these, sorry, but look how cute the little bears on the package are! Though they do have a little resemblance to Ted for me, so I can picture them having the voice of Seth MacFarlane, burping, and spewing obscenities. Still cute.

Sakupan Choco Monaka: Panda face chocolate wafer.
Sadly my panda face wafer didn't survive the trip to my door and was shattered to bits, but I could tell it was once very cute. If I recall right it had a whipped chocolate texture, and was very good.

Torotto Choco-Bites: Crispy outside with chocolate center.
Another item that the opinions I had on fell out of my brain from the time I tried it to writing this, but it was chocolate so I highly doubt I didn't like it. I think the only way I would totally dislike something chocolate is if I bit into it and somehow a king cobra jumped out and bit me back... Until that treacherous day occurs, I will love almost all chocolate candy given.

Ika-Peanut Mix: Squid senbei balls with peanut center.
While I love the ocean, and find sea life fascinating, the second I see a snack with any sort of sea-life depicted on it I'm out. I felt brave that day and attempted to try one, and I regret the bravery.

Suppasugiru Ume: Super sour hard gummies- umeboshi.
I don't like sour candy, but my brother tried these and gave them a thumbs up, so if you like sour candy these are for you!

Kitkat Bake: Cheesecake.
I, being the genius I am, forgot to take pictures of these as they were tucked away in my fridge. The insane South Florida sun took its toll, and they were a literal hot mess when they arrived at my door. Mess or not, they were amazing, and a reminder that Japan's KitKat game greatly exceeds ours in the states!

Animal Grip Eraser.
Lastly, my accessory item was this adorable feline pencil topper. This would have been greater in my younger school years, given I really don't use pencils often in my adult life. However, I attached it to the cap of my favorite eyeliner and it looks super cute, and helps me find it easier in the mornings in my abyss of makeup.

Thanks for reading!
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