Orly Dare to Dream: Mulan Swatches & Review

I had a stressful day at work today, not the whole day mind you, just near the end of the day it became very hectic, thus an explosion of stress like a... Well, I'll skip the analogy, as anything after the word explosion can only go one of two ways, neither pleasant. Let's just say I had a stressful ending to my work day, and would love to block it out by talking about nail polish!

I, not surprisingly, follow quite a few polish brands on social media. They always post gorgeous swatch pictures of their polishes, as well as pictures of new releases I can drool over. Recently Orly started sharing pictures of their Dare to Dream collection, which contains polishes themed after Disney heavyweights Mulan, Ariel, and Pocahontas. I saw the pictures on Instagram and the very next day was at Walgreens hunting them down. While I would have loved to buy every polish in the entire collection, I also have things like rent and food, so I bought two polishes from each character's little themed collections.

Family Honor: Is my favorite of the two. A gorgeous bright lemony yellow creme. It is even more bright in person, almost neon, and I just love the look of it.
Family Honor also has lovely coverage for such a light shade, my swatches are three relatively thin coats.

My second polish from the Mulan theme, Be True to Your Heart is a clear base full of vibrant fuchsia and holographic hex glitter.
I am always a sucker for a little sparkle, so I am a fan of this polish as well. Pictures don't do it justice, this is a total glitter bomb in person thanks to the very reflective holographic glitter pieces.

Because of the clear base, I started with two coats of Sparitual Love is in the Air, then three thin coats of Be True to Your Heart. (Both these polishes names are a real mouthful!)

I love anything Disney related, so these were a must purchase for me. I hope anyone reading this is also a Disney fan, or else your going to hate my blog for a while! Haha. I was so inspired by these shades that I will be not only posting swatches of the Pocahontas and Ariel polishes these next two weeks, but I will also be posting inspired nail art for all three characters. I just can't resist.  My Mulan nail art will be up tomorrow!

The Orly Dare to Dream collection I believe is only available at Walgreens. You can purchase single full sized bottles or mini polish trios. I can't remember the exact cost of these two polishes in my old age, but I feel it was around $3-$4 each. Don't take that as law, just a humble guess from a girl with a poor memory.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Ohh I saw these collections! I want everything from the Pocahontas collection, but I can't seem to find it online :(

    1. Yeah, when I went to my Walgreens the displays were picked off quite a bit! Luckily they still had some of the single full sized bottles from each set, and one left of the Ariel mini trios. I hope they restock soon!


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