Orly Dare to Dream Collection: Pocahontas

Today I have the final two polishes I bought from the Orly Dare to Dream Collection. These two shades are inspired by Disney's Pocahontas.
The Orly break won't be for long however, as they have announced Disney villain themed polishes I am currently hunting down!

Until I find those however, lets check out my last two polishes:

First up is my favorite, Follow Your Path. A rich royal blue that reads much more purple toned in real life than it does in pictures. No matter the tone I love blue polishes, so this is right up my alley.
It is a bit on the sheer side. My swatches are two coats, but now I feel like I could have used a third as my free edges are still a bit visible. (I also have a chip, sorry! I had to take the pictures a couple days later because of time constraints, and even though I tried to be super careful, as Dr. Ian Malcolm once said "...life, uh... finds a way.")

Next is Living Earth, a mid-toned earthy green creme. I am also a fan of green polishes, so while this shade doesn't have the same boldness of the first polish, I really like the look of this soft green.
This shade is just as sheer, but I used three coats so it covered perfectly.

I topped both polishes off with my O.P.I top coat.

The Orly Dare to Dream Collection is sold exclusively at Walgreens. I can't remember the exact cost for these two shades, but I think it was around $3-$5.

Thanks for reading! My Pocahontas nail art will be up tomorrow!
To check out my swatches of the Mulan and Ariel shades click here and here. To see my Mulan nail art click here, and finally to see my Ariel nail art click here.



  1. Wow that blue is stunning! I've just been reading through your previous posts Hun, as both a massive Disney fan and nail polish addict it was heaven! Your nail art is wonderful & I'll be honest I'm SO envious of all the fab polish collections you guys have! If you ever fancy doing a polish swap with a gal from the UK then give me a shout haha!

    Aysh xox

    1. Thank you very much! Always nice to meet another nail polish addict, haha. :) And don't sell yourselves short in the UK, there are quite a few UK brands I'd love to get my hands on!

  2. Pocahontas is my ALL TIME favorite Disney movie and princess, I wanted this collection soooo badly!

    1. It was hard to come by for me too! I bought these two shades but I haven't been able to find anymore, my Walgreens never restocked them sadly.


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