Orly Dare to Dream Collection: Gadgets & Gizmos Mini Kit Swatches & Review

I meant to post this yesterday, but I am finally upgrading to an XBox One soon, and one of the first games I will be buying for said console is for sure going to be Batman: Arkham Knight. So I have been replaying Arkham City in my free time, especially yesterday... Hence why I didn't post this then. I was in a video game coma, like all mature, grown adult 26 year olds!

Love the box art! Sadly the Pocahontas and Mulan mini kits were sold out, or I would have bought them as well if they were just as pretty as this one.
Now it's time to talk about yet another totally mature, adult topic, Disney! I have another one of Orly's gorgeous Disney inspired collections. This time it is the Gadgets & Gizmos Mini Kit inspired by every one's favorite fiery redheaded mermaid, Ariel. My Walgreen's still had a few of the normal full sized bottles of these themed shades, but this was the very last mini kit, so I decided to snag this instead. As I said in the last post, while I would have loved to buy every single shade, that was just not in the cards, so I picked my favorites. A hard task as basically all of them were my favorite...

Secret Grotto: A mint pastel creme shade. I feel like in pictures it can read more teal, but no matter the tone I am always a sucker for either color, so I love it. It also has really nice coverage, I only needed two coats to cover.

Dinglehopper: A pastel creme in a beautiful orchid purple. I also have no complaints about this shade. The color is really pretty, and I reached nice coverage in two coats.

Magical Voice: The final shade, a neon pink creme. I guess you can say this shade blew my camera's mind, as it just could not handle how vibrant this pink shade truly is! It just annihilated the color balance, and even though I did try to correct it a bit on my computer, it still looks weird and foggy to me. Luckily you can still see how pretty this pink is. (No Molly Ringwald pun intended.) I am normally not a pink polish fan, but I love how bright and interesting this shade is, and I really liked wearing it.
I did find it to be a bit more sheer however, so I needed three coats to reach good coverage.

I topped all my swatches off with one coat of my new O.P.I top coat. Yes, I have swapped out my usual Out the Door top coat. Gasp! I found that it has been creating some unsightly lines in my base polishes when it dries for some reason, so I'm trying a new top coat out.

Thanks for reading! To check out my Orly Mulan swatches click here, my Mulan inspired nail art click here, or just my swatch & reviews in general click here.



  1. These are really nice colors, but I don't really see how hot pink fits with The Little Mermaid. Beautiful swatches, though!!

    1. Neither do I. They seem to be going for a pastel watercolor style on the packaging that has a similar pink tone in it, so maybe that's the inspiration. Still pretty though! :p


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