Naples Zoo

I cannot remember if I posted pictures from my first trip to the Naples Zoo. I don't think so, but if I have, oops for the dupe post, but I wanted to make a quick little day in the life type post just showing some pretty photos of my trip to the zoo.

This guy was so long I couldn't even get the top of his body and head in frame! He also has the most gorgeous scale patterns.
This cutie was in the same enclosure as the big boy in the last picture, and was not getting as much attention. He came right up to me and was just so cute. Yes, I'm sure he may have been just sizing me up for a nice mid-morning snack, but I will block that out, thank you. Unknown to me members of the zoo staff go around and photograph people as they walk around. I was shown a very cool picture of me and my scaly friend one staff member took, and while it looked lovely and my insane pink hair and cat ear hat looked fetching, the $25 price tag for one photo was not so much. Needless to say that picture stayed there.
This gorgeous fella was shot with buckshot in the face and hind legs by a waste of human flesh, and left to die. Luckily he was rescued and this special habitat was built just for him. He is in good health now, but sadly permanently blind.

The zoo has little coin fed machines with food to feed the fish in the ponds. However, the birds are also quite big fans, and wait by all of the machines. They also ingeniously open the little hatch to get any straggler pieces or crumbs. I gave them some with coins buried in my purse, and even more than shown in the photo bombarded me very quickly. While I kind of felt like the girl in the beginning of Jurassic Park 2 who gets flooded with all those tiny dinosaurs, these guys were super cute hungry little beasts. 
This awesome looking duck was also waiting for the fish snacks. He patiently waited next to me while I looked through my purse for coins, and slowly edged closer and closer watching me like an excited little kid.

And finally, I stopped by the gift shop on the way out and bought this almost stained glass finished giraffe figure, and a beautiful postcard.
Thanks for reading! Apologies for just the amount of photos. I was super excited and took way too many pictures while I was there. Frankly, I completely filled up my phones photo space, so this could have been a lot worse!



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