My Little Baby, Off to Destroy People.

As I mentioned in my Orly swatches last night, today I have some nail art inspired by their Mulan polishes!

(I normally share a picture of all the polishes used, but I used a few too many shades so it was just awkward to photograph.)

When thinking about making Mulan inspired nail art my mind instantly goes straight to Mushu, but I really wanted to incorporate the two Orly shades I bought, which are much more on the girly side. So I instead based most of my nails on the more feminine outfit I believe she wears in the beginning of the movie as it meshed with these polishes. I also incorporated some cherry blossom detailing for an accent nail.

For my dress inspired nails I started with a base of Sparitual Love is in the Air, then added stripes of Pure Ice No Means No (Which, I'm sorry, has the creepiest name! Who named this?!) and french tips of Avon On Point Blue.

My cherry blossom nails are a base of Orly Family Honor, followed by stamping of P.I.X.E.L HaHa-Hottie using BundleMonster plate BM-406, finished with dots of Love is in the Air using a small dotting tool.

For my thumb and pinkie nails, I started with a base of Sparitual Love is in the Air then Orly Be True to Your Heart.

I topped all my nails off with one coat of my Out the Door top coat, then applied my Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat to all my nails less the glitter accents.

Thanks for reading! To check out more nail art I've done click here.



  1. I love these, I totally see Mulan! I have a Disney nail series on my blog :)

    1. Thanks! I love doing Disney inspired designs, they are so fun to create. Yes, I saw your Snow White nail art! your poison apple design was my favorite. :)


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