Marshall's, Kohls, DSW, & World Market Haul

I feel like I haven't posted a haul in quite a bit. I just haven't really had the spending money to splurge too often to have the content to make one. Recently I was able to afford to give myself a treat however, so I have two hauls to share! I have a mall haul I'm going to post in a couple weeks just to space them out, but today I have a haul to share from Marshall's, Kohl's, DSW, and a new favorite, World Market, which my mother introduced me to and I am now a huge fan. It has the style and inventory of a Pier One, but is a little bit less damaging to the bank account to shop there.

First I'll start with the newbie, World Market.
I bought this little elephant box. Do I need it? No. Does it serve a purpose on my vanity? Nope. Was it the very first thing in my shopping basket regardless? Damn right! It's cute and an elephant. That's all the argument needed...

I then found these cute flower bloom soaps. You just pluck a petal and wash your hands with it. Of course, being a cliche of a girl, I have no intention of actually using them, but have instead also bought this really pretty glass and metal bowl to keep them in for even more decoration in my bathroom. If you visit my house and use these, I will kill you... Just kidding! But not really...

I also bought a skull printed throw pillow which I forgot to photograph on its own, but will have pictures below with it visible luckily. Finally a bought yet another elephant item (I've discovered over the years that my interior design aesthetic is basically anything that looks like an animal, and I'm cool with that.) that is also now in my bathroom, holding up my hand towel and looking cute!

Next up is DSW. I really don't shop there often, just because of the high costs of everything. However, I was looking for a specific pair of boots I've been pining over for two years now. I was out of luck yet again, but I couldn't leave empty handed, now could I? That would be crazy talk!
I found these gorgeous Steve Madden floral flats that had to come home. I actually first found some Betsey Johnson pumps that I loved, but when I tried them on I greatly resembled a baby giraffe learning to walk for the first time, so that was out! These are just as pretty, with a lot less risk of injury.

Speaking of Betsey Johnson. Raven is helping me showcase my new backpack! I already posted it on Instagram so it's no surprise, but I just love this bag. There are no more words, I just love it. It's my go-to bag right now, and as you can see I have already decorated it with all my weird crap like Stormtroopers and donut cats...

For Kohl's and Marshall's I'm just going to group all the pictures together from each. While I can blather on about each individual thing, I'll end up with a post a mile long! So I'm going to compress and save some time.

First up, Kohl's:

I first found these rings from the Lauren Conrad Collection. My favorite brand Kohl's offers, and usually the only reason I will go there as I find the store way over priced. (Case in point, they sell plain, clear umbrellas for over $25! Unless the umbrella is also bullet proof like the umbrella in The Kingsman, I'm all set.) While there I also snagged these Star Wars leggings, to fuel my ever growing legging addiction.

And lastly, Marshall's!:

At first I was unsure about these, but they are really cute!

You can see my skull pillow from World Market in this picture. It's meant for just Halloween decor I think, but I love it with my bedding.
I love clothes from Marshall's. Everything is so inexpensive and cute, so I found quite a few pieces and spent a lot less than I would at many other stores. I also found a book clutch, which I have been looking for for a while! Ones I found in the past have been on the pricey side, this one was only $20 so I was thrilled to find it. It actually did not come with a chain, but I had one from an old purse that worked great, so I can also use it as a cross body bag as well.

For decor I found this lovely Yeti looking faux fur rug to replace my old one that color bleed from being cleaned. I think my pets love it just as much as I do, I always find someone laying on it.

Finally, I have been wanting to buy a nice, white bedspread for a while. Insane with the amount of pets I have I know, but I still wanted one. I found this huge Calvin Klein comforter on clearance for $50. It actually has Calvin Klein in fine print covering the entire thing. I normally am not a fan of items with the brand name all over it, but the small text actually looks cute and adds some detail, which at a distance you can't even tell really that it is text.

Thanks for reading! I know not everyone likes haul posts, but I am a curious person so I personally like reading them and seeing what people buy, their different tastes, and being inspired to buy something new.
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  1. such cute finds, I love World Market! I also have those same leggings from Kohl's!

    1. Thanks. I just started shopping at World Market and I'm already hooked! That's awesome, I can never pass up anything with Darth Vader myself! Haha. :)


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