Mall Haul of Randomness

As I mentioned in my last haul post I had a bit of spending money recently, so was able to run around for a day, visit the zoo, and do some shopping. I went to my local mall, which I haven't been to in a long while, so that was fun. I really had no rhyme or reason when shopping, it was just whatever caught my fancy within reason, so this is a random haul of what I bought that day.

A haven of my teen goth days, I find it surprising that I still kind of like this store in my 20's. I really go there just for the fun of it, most of the stuff there is not my cup of tea anymore, but I do like when I find some cute things, like my last visit.
I had no clue they sell Tokidoki blind boxes, so I had to buy two. I love the ones I got, and definitely plan on going back to get more of them.
I also found this Zelda Wind Waker skater dress. I have become a huge fan of quirky printed skater dresses (I have a Beauty & the Beast one, and a Pokemon starters one.), and thought this would look awesome to wear to ComicCon next year as well.

No plans on buying these, but they were in a dish by the checkout for only $2.00. That's how they get ya!
CottonOn has become my absolute favorite store since moving to Florida. How I managed to have the self control not to spend my entire shopping budget just in this store I will never know.

My favorite item of clothing to buy from there are these billowy tunics. They are super comfortable, and look great with leggings and jeans. I feel like I'm wearing PJ's while still looking presentable on the rare occasions I'm outside with the rest of the human population.

I don't own many colored jeans, so I was very happy to find these gorgeous wine colored ones while I was there also. If you're a size 3 normally like me, they only carry even sizes, but the size 4 fits really well, a little loose around the waist, but only the faintest bit.

I haven't shopped at PacSun for a long time. More so back in my teen years when it was more Avril Lavigne Skater Boi than California hipster fare. I didn't see a ton, but I did find this cute knitted crop top I thought would work well with some high waisted jeans. Sadly I didn't take it into account that this top discounted every larger chested girls needed companion, the bra, so I haven't been able to wear it yet. I have to find some sort of convertible bra monstrosity akin to a Transformers vehicle to wear with it.

Stopped by the book store to finally find two books I've been looking for for a while. I am a fan of both Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart, so I wanted to pick up their books. I've had time to start Mamrie's, and it is just as hilarious as I expected it to be.

I also bought two other completely random and bizarre things to walk out of a bookstore with. A digital donut watch, because donuts... (Also checkout counter add-ons strike again!) And a rainbow unicorn cat because... Well, come on, a rainbow unicorn cat! How could I not.

Bath & Body Works:
I stocked up on two more candles, Salted Caramel and Sparkling Pear Riesling, and bought a Japanese Cherry Blossom shimmer mist because I was feeling bold on my rainbow unicorn cat high.

I also went to a greater length then I should have to get that super cute bat hand sanitizer holder. I saw it in a Halloween themed gift set, you know, meant to be given to other people. I wanted just the bat, but apparently it was a hot commodity, and I was told it sold out three days after being released. So I gifted myself with a three piece pumpkin (Which I hate.) body care set so I could have the bat... In my defense I gave the products to my mom! So I did technically gift it to some one, and I got my Golbat-like sanitizer dude. Win, win.

I say it every time I mention shopping at Claire's, I know at 26 I am way above the age range for this store, but I am not a real jewelry girl. I like my jewelry quirky and cheap, and Claire's meets both these qualifications. Case in point, they were having a BOGO 50% off sale, so I bought these spike and chain earrings, and dragon talon looking ear cuff.

Finally, no shopping trip is complete without a Sephora run.
Deborah Lippmann is one of my favorite nail polish brands, but the price tag makes it so it is a rarity for me to buy, but I treated myself to the shade Candy Shop which I will swatch on here soon.

I also have been having a hard time finding a new concealer, my drugstore buys have just been misses, so I bit the bullet and decided to spend a little bit more. I picked up Nars in shade Chantilly. I really wanted to try one of Urban Decay's pencil versions, but they were out of stock on the only basically translucent ghostly pale shade I needed. I am very happy with this Nars concealer however, and I think I will post a full review of it on here eventually.

Thanks for reading my ramblings on my purchases! To check out more hauls click here.


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