Skoshbox Unboxing September 2015

Well, I think I vanished for a hot minute there. I'm sure the four people who read this (One of which is me checking for grammatical errors, the second of which is my mother, hi mom!) were super worried! Haha.
My week absence was just a mix of bad weather causing a black out + not feeling well + bad Internet connection -Which was discovered to be caused by some cute furry ferret type creatures knocking over the modem.- + a dash of laziness sprinkled on top Emeril Lagasse style, BAM! = bad blogger.
I have also been practicing my crochet, and was able to make a ball after hours of trying that doesn't look like a lumpy potato! Win! Cute Amigurumi dinosaurs here I come.

But I am back today, and with candy! The ploy everyone, young or old, loves.

Line-Drops Candy: Line character candy in apple or pineapple.
While I had wished I would have got apple, I got pineapple and it wasn't bad! Tasted just like it, too bad I don't really like pineapple...

Kompeito Candy: A Japanese classic, similar to rock candy.
The package is adorable, and the candy inside kind of reminded me of little flowers. I'm probably dating myself here, but if anyone else remembers those Dots candies that you ate off of paper akin to receipt paper? Yeah, these taste exactly like them. I didn't really like them, but I bet my 8 year old self would have loved them!

Chelsea Yogurt Candy: Creamy yogurt-scotch hard candy.
No, not that kind of scotch sadly. I am not a big hard candy fan, but these were really nice. I couldn't taste the yogurt, but the butterscotch flavor stood out.

Panda Corn Snack: Puffed savory corn snack.
Cute pandas! Japan really knows how to decorate their snack packages. This one is too cute.
I can't really explain the flavor, but it is super savory. Like if you mixed KIX cereal with some sort of savory sauce.

Umaibo Premium Cheese: Mozzarella & Camembert cheese.
I've been waiting for more Umaibo since I restarted my subscription! Skoshbox used to have them in almost every box, so I'm a bit sad they don't anymore. I love Umaibo, and this one was delicious. I really hope they start including more Umaibo flavors in future boxes.

Wasabi Endo Mix: Wasabi flavored bean cracker mix.
I would be fine however, if I never have this again! I am not a big fan of spice, and I also don't like peas, so this snack was not geared to me. I hope others liked it, but I was not a fan. I tried to eat one, but the second it touched my lips and I felt instant burning, I was out. I am probably a wuss but this was not my cup of tea.

Maken Cola Gummies: Rock/Paper/Scissors shaped cola gummies.
I really dislike cola flavored candy so I didn't try this. But it did give me total nostalgia for those sticky hands I would get as a kid from those gum ball machines, and you could fling them around and the hand would stick to stuff. Like walls, screens, your brothers face... You know, all kinds of stuff!

Assorted Fruit Gummy: Juicy assorted gummies in apple, grape, and peach.
I like some fruit candy, sadly I cannot tell you if this was a win or lose, as the wonderful South Florida heat melted this candy into a pile of goo. Which surprisingly was not appetizing! But the packaging was cute.

Choco Flakes: Chocolate infused corn flakes.
These had also melted a bit in the Florida heat, but chocolates chocolate! It was very good, the flakes had a powdered coating that tasted a lot like powdered cocoa.

Jagabee Butter Shoyu: Crispy fries, Kikkoman Shoyu + butter.
I really couldn't taste the soy sauce flavor, they tasted more like super crunchy fast food french fries. Like fries you forgot at the bottom of the bag until later, but are still really good.

My last item in this month's box was the accessory item, which was a Cat-Donut Squishy Keychain! I don't think I can even attempt to describe the cuteness. I'll let the picture do the work...

Thanks for reading! I hope I'm not gone from blogging for a whole week again, I missed it! But as Dr. Ian Malcome said: ", uh... finds a way."
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