Purple & Gold Filigree Nail Art

Today's nail art was inspired by a beautiful Hans Christian Andersen book of Classic Fairy Tales I bought last year. As a Disney junkie I am quite partial to fairy tales, and while original classic versions are much darker usually, I find them very interesting to read. I bought this gorgeous hard cover version at Barnes & Noble and have loved the purple and gold color palette and filigree, so I decided to finally use it as inspiration!

For my base I used Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Velour. I then recreated the filigree using Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure and Bundle Monster plate BM-406. Finally, because I can't pass up adding sparkle wherever I can, I added an accent nail of O.P.I Pop the Cork! over Velour.

I skipped the top coat to keep the textured finish of velour against the shimmer of Gilty Pleasure, but added Sally Hansen's Big Matte Top Coat (The replacement of my favorite Essie one, since that one has kicked the bucket.) over Pop the Cork!.

I wished the filigree had come out bolder against the purple, but now I kind of like the subtlety of it.

Because I cannot resist a close up of glitter, here's a macro of Pop the Cork! in the bottle. I believe this was a limited edition shade for Sally Beauty's 50th anniversary.

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