KBShimmer Scribble Me This Swatches & Review

Well, hello there!
Tonight I am currently sitting in my PJ's and watching far too much Youtube after work. So I thought I would break up this utterly raucous night by sharing some swatches of a nail polish I just can't seem to shut up about lately, KBShimmer Scribble Me This! I've mentioned it here, as well as on social media far too many times, but I am just obsessed with this nail polish right now, it is my current favorite, and I've been dying to share some full swatches of it since I bought it.

I have been a fan of KBShimmer basically since I started this blog. I found other nail blogger reviews of the brand, and while it's a bit hard for me to find some shades I would love to get my paws on, -I'm looking at you My Life's Porpoise! - the ones I do find I always love. (Oh Splat! is another absolute favorite I never grow tired of wearing.) I also appreciate KBShimmer's wonderful knack for punny monikers for the polishes.

Scribble Me This has a wonderful name that reminds me of my favorite Batman villain, and a color palette akin to a 90's kid's fever dream. In a good way... Hence why I just made some 90's nail art inspired by it!

This polish is a clear base full of matte glitter with the slightest metallic sheen in shades of hot pink, purple, green, black, and light blue. The glitter takes the shapes of triangles, stars, circles, and hexagons of various sizes. Basically all the shapes mixed with the color scheme means this shape would fit right in with the opening credits of Saved by the Bell. I may have hated that show with an unbridled passion, but man do I love the look of this polish, it is so cute and very fun to wear.

Given the clear base, for my swatches I started with a base of O.P.I Moon Over Mumbai, just like with my 90's nail art, I really love these two paired together for some reason. I then used three coats of Scribble Me This, then one coat of my Out the Door fast drying top coat.

Don't mind the cat hair on my nail. In a house with four cats this is kind of hard to avoid! :p

Normally I am not such a fan of really large glitter in a clear base, since it makes getting good coverage next to impossible. But the larger glitter pieces mixed with micro glitter, along with just the density of glitter in the entire bottle, means it's pretty easy to cover. Also the micro glitter helps fill in the gaps the larger glitter misses.
I really didn't need to dab this polish on, normal brush strokes worked well. The only time I dabbed with the brush was to get the star glitter on my nails. The stars are a bit harder to get, so I had to fish them out. Worth it!

I don't really know where KBShimmer shades are sold everywhere, I usually find bottles on Amazon. Sadly, at the writing of this I couldn't find Scribble Me This on Amazon anymore. I got my bottle for around $8 I think.

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