Kameo: Elements of Power Nail Art

I don't hear a lot of people talking about this game, it's pretty old too which may have something to do with it, but it is one of my favorites. So surprise, surprise, I made some nail art inspired by it!

Kameo: Elements of Power is an adventure type game. Where your character's sister is a real... Witch... and joins forces with the King of the trolls to take over the world. You know, the usual sisterly squabbles. You play as a fairy named Kameo, who can transform into different elemental warriors, which is useful since Kameo herself can't really do much. She can hover and flip kick, and while a kick to the jaw is pretty tough, not so tough against a giant troll king.
While I do like Kameo, I focused my nail art today on my favorites from her brood of warriors, as well as the Fabled Crystal Eyes, which are basically power ups you can find in the game to boost specific skills and abilities.

I really like all the Elemental Warriors, but given that I only show nail art on here on one hand, I focused on my four absolute favorites (I've included the warrior's cute bios from the box pamphlet).

My index finger is Snare: 
"Few things are big or fast enough to escape these mighty jaws, and once caught, enemies make good ammunition - If Snare can resist the temptation of a good hard bite."
I started with a gradient of Julep Fiona and Milani Showy Sea-Green, then used a small dotting tool to add Sally Hansen Peachy Breeze.

My Middle finger is Chilla:
"Not one for subtle methods, Chilla is a born brawler. This single-minded yeti is equally happy launching spears into the fray from afar or clubbing one Troll unconscious with another."
I created a vertical gradient using Sally Hansen Gray by Gray and Milani White. I sadly did not have a shade match for Chilla's orange toned whiskers and fur around his eyes, so I used Sally Hansen Lightening and applied it with a striping brush.

My ring finger is Deep Blue:
"While tentacles may not be best suited to movement on land, Deep Blue's twin jet streams pack similar stopping power to the torpedoes that can be fired underwater."
I started with a gradient of Essie Strut Your Stuff sandwiched between Avon On Point Blue. Then used Strut Your Stuff again with a mid-sized dotting tool to make the polka dots.

My pinkie finger is Ash:
"A hot-blooded and hungry dragon, Ash's fireball blasts will drive off all but the most fearless foes - in particular anyone raising the touchy subject of those undersized wings!"
My base gradient is ColorClub Red-ical Gypsy and O.P.I Coca Cola Red topped with Bundle Monster plate BM-418 and Milani Black Swift.

And lastly, my thumb is one of The Fabled Crystal Eyes:
"The power of these relics lies in the enhancement of natural abilities. Kameo can use them to boost her combat prowess, at a cost. Legend states that Crystal Eyes are hidden in and around the Enchanted Kingdom..."
My base is Avon On Point Blue. I then stamped the swirling pattern using Bundle Monster plate BM-418 and Milani Showy Sea-Green. I free-handed the eye using a striping brush and Rimmel Green Eyed Monster.

I topped everything off with one coat of my Out the Door fast drying top coat.

Sorry, got a bit picture happy! But I think that just shows how much I loved creating and wearing this nail art. I also obviously love the game it was based on. Kameo is very fun to play, the art style is pretty and eye-catching, and you get to play as a fairy and many creatures who beat up Trolls in spectacular and violent ways (Did I mention I've used Chilla and hurled a Troll through a stained glass window who then killed another Troll riding a giant Troll Dragon?...). What more could a girl ask for!

Thanks for reading!
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