Julep Maven Unboxing September 2015

This is my last Julep Maven unboxing! *Gasp!* While I have enjoyed many of the boxes I have received in my subscription thus far, I am growing tired of having polishes chosen for me. I know I can swap products out with this box, but the products to choose from even then are limited, and while Julep nail polish is nice, and most of the shades are gorgeous, I really like many brands, and spending $25 a month on Julep made me not really want to buy other polishes since it felt over the top given I knew I would be getting two or three shades in the mail already. I would much rather buy from many brands and be able to afford a broader selection. No offense to Julep, but their selection also left a bit to be desired, and most of the add-on products that were interesting were sometimes overpriced in my opinion, so most boxes would end up being quite bare for the $25 monthly fee.

Another pet peeve I will mention is that most of the time I would not be reminded when the time period to swap out products in each box was held, so I would usually end up getting something I did not want (Like in this box.) because I did not remember the date I could edit my box. Yes, my memory sucks, but a little reminder email couldn't hurt! I have been able to change out items in the past, but only from sheer luck most of the time.

I have joined a new subscription box instead that is not only less expensive, but so amazing I cannot wait for my first box to arrive! I plan on having unboxing posts for it to replace the Julep ones, so I won't spoil the surprise of the first box, but I am so excited!

The product I would have swapped out. Don't get me wrong, I love lipstick, but I have never been a bold lipstick wearer. I have aspirations to be one, but it never happens. I just end up with lipstick on my teeth, or the paranoia of that occurring. Plus I have a pretty casual lifestyle, so such heavy lip color just feels like an odd mesh.

Anyway, sorry I seem to be in a grump rant mood! This shade is Can-Can, and is a vibrant red creme lipstick. Again, like said ramblings above, while it is gorgeous, it will most likely just sit on my vanity unloved.

Now for some products that will get some love, the nail polish! I really like my send off nail polishes for my last box, and funny enough I was lucky enough for it to include Julep's new signature purple polish. I've always enjoyed the purple shade of the cardboard box the products come in, and now it has its own polish to match.

Cassandra has an almost crelly like formula, and is a sophisticated deep wine color. I quite like the look of this polish, and find it a bit Gothic which I am a fan of.
My swatches are three coats followed by my Out the Door top coat.

Rachael is a metallic dark silver creme with iridescent flecks you can see close up. I really like the almost chrome finish with the hint of sparkle.
My swatches are three coats followed by my top coat.

And finally Julep, a really pretty creme in Julep's signature orchid color. I find this shade really flattering with my ghostly skin, and also like the fancy chrome topper on the bottle.
My swatches are two coats followed by my top coat.

While I have for the most part enjoyed my Julep subscription (Even with my rantings over the faults of it.) I am really looking forward to my new subscription box, and can't wait to post the first unboxing soon!

Thanks for reading! To check out more of my Julep Maven unboxings click here.


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