Butter London Henley Regatta Swatches & Review

Today is my day off from work, so I spent the day wandering Target (My weakness!) and doing the very exciting and stimulating task of household chores. Ah, adulthood! So much excitement I think my heart might stop... Anyway, I figured I would end the day by sharing swatches of the gorgeous Butter London Henley Regatta.

Bulbasaur making his second appearance on the blog!
Butter London has been one of my favorite nail polish brands ever since I was first introduced to them by a classmate I was friends with in Cosmetology school. I don't own many, way less than I wish I had, but they are pricey so they are usually only an occasional splurge, or wonderful surprise when I find them on sale at Marshall's.

Henley Regatta was a beautiful find at Ulta a while back. It is a clear base full of very fine glitter in tones of emerald green and vibrant blue. You can see a lot of sparkle in my photos, but even that does not do it justice. It is a glitter bomb, and just gorgeous to look at. When I look at it I just think of the Emerald City from The Wizard of Oz.

My only complaint would be that I wish the base was not clear, I would have loved if it had even a bit of a green tone to it, just to help increase the opacity. It took four coats to reach a livable coverage over bare nails, though my free-edges still show through a bit. I would suggest a similar colored polish as a base if you want full coverage with less coats. I can totally live with the clear base though because it's just so pretty!

I topped my swatches off with one coat of my Out the Door top coat.

Butter London Henley Regatta retails for $15.00, and can be found online -Amazon is currently stocking it at the time of this post.- or at your local Ulta, which is where I bought mine. Ulta's website also has it in stock as I am writing this.

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