Skoshbox Unboxing August 2015

While I am most certainly not the most organized blogger, my barely there "schedule" was even worse this week, so I have no August favorites planned, -I know, you're horrified, but keep it together!- but I do have candy! And candy solves everything... In my world anyway. So instead of a favorites post today, I have my August Skoshbox.

This month's box was really cute. It was a special edition box in which Skoshbox collaborated with Glico, which is the company that makes the Pretz and Pocky snacks, as well as many more.

I loved the red color theme this month. The box itself was bold red instead of the normal teal, and very cute. I had contemplated keeping it, but then I remembered it's a cardboard box, and that's a weird thing to do...

A bonus item was this cute Pocky sticker decal set. I have them on a cork board over my desk currently. I have yet to use any, only because as an over thinker I still can't decide on where to put them...

Sweet Corn Pretz Sticks: Sweet corn flavored biscuit sticks.
Pizza Pretz Sticks: Margherita pizza flavored biscuit sticks.
Tom Yum Pretz Sticks: Thai Tom Yum soup flavored biscuit sticks.
Because of the collaboration the box was obviously full of Glico products, so I got three new release Pretz sticks flavors. The sweet corn was my absolute favorite, I just love how they can get a biscuit to taste exactly like buttery corn. The pizza flavor was also delicious, and did not disappoint, you can clearly tell it is pizza. The soup version I was on the fence about, and almost was too chicken to try, but was pleasantly surprised. The giant shrimp on the package was a cause for concern for me, but you really can't taste any shrimp, it just tastes very spicy, and also a bit like garlic.

Caplicocot Chocolates: Pop-out whipped strawberry chocolates.
I will not bore you with me rambling on yet again about how much I love strawberry flavored Japanese candy. This was amazing, and I am also including a poor quality photo I took later, just to show the adorably odd ice tray-like container this candy comes in.

Pineapple Kissmint Gum: Juicy pineapple flavored gum pack.
I find the name of this gum weird. Something about the title "Watering Kissmint" just sounds... gross. While I dislike pineapple, this gum has a lovely scent. I tried a bit, but again, I hate pineapple, so I cannot be an unbiased judge. I do love the packaging however.

Another poorly lit photo I took later, but I just wanted to show the pretty chrome packaging this gum comes in.

Ebeeza Shrimp Crackers: Premium shrimp crackers.
I am not even going to lie, the second I saw this blood red bag with the giant dead shrimp on the front, my eyes glazed over and my stomach prayed for mercy. I honestly had no intentions of even remotely opening this package, let alone trying it, but I didn't want to be a chicken! So I tried it, and I still regret it to this day... The crackers may look like adorable cartoonish cheese slices, but they smell exactly like fish food and taste like death. That's the only way I can quantify the taste, just death...

Mainichi Kajitsu Bar: Dried fruits bar; prune and blueberry.
On a lighter note! This bar tastes exactly like Fig Newtons, a much more pleasant connection than fish food. I love the taste of these, as I am a fan of Fig Newtons, and I also appreciate that the fruit flavor makes it so I can totally pretend I am being healthy whilst I snack on it.

I swear this is the last dark and terrible photo, I just wanted to show the cute packaging of the dried fruits bar.

Collon: Whipped Cream: Crispy biscuits with creamy filling.
The last food item, and my favorite out of the entire box. This super sweet snack tastes exactly like whipped cream incased in an ice cream cone. Enough said. Amazing. I need 20 more boxes ASAP.

And the final item in my box was the accessory item, a Totoro Character Pen. I honestly know very little of Totoro, but it's a pen, -I can never have too many pens.- and a cute rabbit/bear thing. I'm sold.

Thanks for reading! To check out more Skoshbox unboxings click here.


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