Nail Tattoo Nail Art with Julep Sophia

I loved the look of the temporary tattoos with Julep Sophia from this month's Julep Maven box. I cannot remember if they came together in a set, or if it was a happy accident. Either way I knew I wanted to pair them, so today I am sharing the results!

The tattoos can be used on skin and/or nails. For nails the instructions advise using them like you would on skin: placing the decal, then applying water over it. This proved a bit awkward for me, so I instead treated them like I would water decals, and cut out the chosen pattern, submerged it in water, then pressed the pattern to my nails. This gave me much better results and control.
Normally with nail decals you can slip the pattern off the paper with tweezers, but I would not suggest that with these tattoos, it does not work. One of the triangle trios met a bitter end thanks to my attempt. It's better to just press the paper to your nails and let the pattern transfer.

For my simple nail art I started with a base of Julep Sophia, once it dried I applied my nail tattoos. I gently dabbed the excess water and let them dry for a second, then topped the look off with my Out the Door fast drying top coat.

If you have these tattoos as well, if you plan on using them on your nails I would suggest being very careful when applying top coat. The tattoos are akin to gold flake and crumble easily. You can see this issue on my index finger nail where I had a bit of damage.

I love the vibrant blue mixed with the gold and silver. The feather has to be my favorite, I still have a few feathers left so I do plan on using them again eventually, and because I love the feather so much, here's a close up!

So pretty!
Thanks for reading! To check out more of my nail art click here.



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