Julep Maven Unboxing August 2015

As I mentioned in my last Julep unboxing post, I discovered I had quite a bit of Jules, which are reward points to use to get more items to add to the monthly boxes. I had no clue what they were, so of course the second I figured out what they were, I spent them all!

I normally don't check out the sneak peek Julep releases before the boxes ship, because I like being surprised. This means I never really change the items in the box either. I've added items, but never removed the original ones, but this box was an exception. The box would have come with a cream to powder blush stick in a taupe shade. That just would not have worked with my skin tone, and I am not a fan of blush sticks, so I knew it would never get used and seemed a waste, so I swapped it out.

I used my Jules to add the green polish, and a mystery polish set. -Again, love surprises, even little ones.- I believe the mystery polish may be the blue shade and the tattoos, but my memory is not my friend right now and I can't remember from the sneak peek which thing was original and which was my pick.

I will talk about the temporary tattoos first, since I forgot to take a separate photo of them. -Clever, clever girl.- They can be used on your skin, I've noticed that's a fad lately, or on your nails. I've used them recently for some nail art I'm posting later this week, and I treated them like you would water decals and they worked great. I have not tried them on my skin, but I may just for fun to see how long they last.

Julep Brow Gel.
I recently hit pan on my brow setting wax in my Too Faced Brow Envy palette, and kept forgetting to purchase a new brow setting gel or wax. So when I was swapping out the blush stick I was quite pleased to discover they have a brow gel! I love the sleek chrome tube, and the gel itself works well at blending the brush strokes from applying my brow powder, and makes my brows look nice and groomed without feeling hard or looking overly glossed and too defined, if that makes sense. I want my eyebrows to still look like eyebrows and not like I drew them on with a Sharpie.

Now for the stars of the show, the polish!

I got Maddy: Which is a medium pink creme with a fine metallic shimmer.

Mari: A liquid holographic polish also in a medium toned pink, and full of bold silver shimmer.

Sierra: My favorite, a gorgeous emerald green with multi-colored holographic shimmer. It's hard to tell in the photos, but the shimmer is so colorful and bright, I just love looking at it.

Sophia: Always a sucker for a good blue, this is a beautiful, bright navy blue shade that has an almost crelly (Creme/jelly) formula.

Sierra has a nice formula, I reached full coverage in two coats.

Sophia, given it's slight jelly formula, is on the sheer side, so I needed three coats to cover.

Maddy also had great coverage given the nice creme formula, my swatches are two coats.

Mari's coverage was nothing to sneeze at either, I also only needed two coats.

I topped all my swatches off with one coat of my Out the Door top coat.

And finally, because my nail posts are never complete lately without some macro pictures, here are close ups of Mari and Sierra.

My apologies for the tip-wear on the Mari close up, it was taken a couple days after swatching.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. I love those decals and the polishes are gorgeous! I am sad i opted out of this one :(

    1. I love the polishes too this month! Sometimes I find the shades selected by Julep hit or miss, but this box was a good one. Two of them I added on, and I think you can probably still buy them separately on their website. :)


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