Ciate Beach House Collection Swatches & Review

Now I'm back from outer space, I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face!
OK, now that I am done terribly paraphrasing a certain Pug named Frank, I can try to gloss over my slight absence from this blog by using the tired old excuse of a stressful week at work. I just needed a break from stuff, and needed to sit, as well as mindlessly play video games, and it was grand. I also reorganized some polishes, and while doing so I discovered that while I have already swatched the Ciate Dolls House Collection many moons ago, I completely forgot about the Beach House Collection I bought at the same time! -I'm just so clever.- So given that summer is winding to a close, it might be a good idea to let this collection see the light of day finally!

Just like the Dolls House Collection this set has super cute packaging. The Ciate sets are the only polish sets where I keep them in the boxes even after using them, I just love how cute they are. Unlike the Dolls House however, the polishes in this collection do not have that pastel, powdered porcelain finish, but bold, high shine colors. perfect for the summer that is ending! -Again, I really know how to time my posts...- Luckily, I'm in Florida, so the end of summer is not very jarring, frankly almost indiscernible in South Florida, so the timing doesn't seem too odd here.

Pepperminty: Always a sucker for a mint shade, this is a soft mint creme. A tad on the sheer side, I needed three coats to cover.

Knickerbocker Glory: The best moniker of the bunch. This is a super bold neon pink creme that I find very flattering with my skin tone. This shade had nice coverage, I only needed two coats.

Hopscotch: I am not much of an orange nail polish girl, but even I can appreciate this bright neon orange. This shade seemed more on the jelly side formula wise, leading to much sheerer coverage. I used three coats, but even after three I can still see my free-edge a bit which bugs me to no end.

Amazing Gracie: A soft milky cream shade. I don't really get the mix of this with the other colorful shades, but it works well as a base color for the shimmery glitter polish. This had the worst coverage of the bunch. I needed four coats for satisfying coverage, and yet again I still think my free-edge peeks through.

Party Shoes: My favorite, a super sparkly and holographic fine gold hex glitter. It applies very well, and I love the tones of gold, green, pink, and blue it gives off under bright light. I used two coats over Amazing Gracie.

Never can resist a macro picture now, so here's a Party Shoes close up:

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