Blue & Pink French Manicure

Today I have a french manicure that was actually inspired by a favorite teacher of mine. I've recreated this mani a few times, but never for my blog I believe, so I thought it would be fun.
It is inspired by Mr.Frank -that is what we students called him- and he was one of my Cosmetology teachers, and as I mentioned already, my favorite teacher I have ever had.
He left the school I attended not long after I graduated so I haven't seen him since sadly, but he is brutally honest and sardonic in the best way, witty, and just hilarious. He is an accomplished stylist and nail tech, and actually did my nails on my graduation day using his own stash of nail polish, which this may sound dumb, but I was honored by because usually he would never let anyone touch his polish!
He painted this color combination and it has been my favorite, go-to french manicure ever since.

Mr.Frank used purely O.P.I polishes back then, but I am lacking those shades in my O.P.I collection, Sorry Mr.Frank! So I instead used Pure Ice French Kiss and Butter London Alcopop. I then decided to add to it a bit by using some silver nail accessories.

I started with two coats of Alcopop, once that dried I free-handed my french tips using the brush built in to the Pure Ice polish. I applied the tear drop nail studs by dipping them in clear polish and placing them with tweezers.

Once everything was dry, I topped the manicure off with one coat of my Out the Door fast drying top coat.

Thanks for reading! And thank you Mr.Frank! (Though I highly doubt he would ever see this.)
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